Free-to-play simulators: what to know and best games for Steam, console …

Free-to-play simulators

Simulation games have become increasingly popular on game repositories like Steam and mobile app stores. If you have the right equipment, nothing can prevent you from driving an airplane, a racing car, or having open heart surgery today. The best simulators are on PC and next-generation consoles, but today we will show you a list of the best simulation games that you can download and play for free .

What must be taken into account before playing a free to play ?

Free to play ≠ Free

Indeed, these types of games can be downloaded for free, but it does not mean that they are totally free. Each and every one of these games has in-app purchases that allow you to unlock hidden areas, purchase upgrades or remove ads.

You must be careful if you are going to let your young children play with your mobile, since they could make purchases without realizing it with your Google Play or App Store account. It is convenient that you activate the verification in two steps of the purchases in your device or establish a parental control .

Beware of loot-boxes

As we said, these games are free, but they are nourished by integrated purchases. Some games have what are known as loot boxes or loot boxes. They are chests with random prizes that are acquired through payment. Many people with a predisposition to gambling end up hooked on this type of game because of these practices, which today are not regulated in our country and are even in video games for minors .

Best free simulators for PC and Mac

Best free simulators for PC and Mac

RaceRoom Racing Experience

This video game is available on Steam and is the best free driving simulation game that you will find for PC. It has several tracks and a small number of cars with which you can play without paying anything for many hours. Of course, if you want to unlock more content, you will have to go through the box.

This title is intended to use a simulated steering wheel and pedals assembly . It does not allow any type of arcade control, so operating the car with a controller can become difficult.

War thunder

War Thunder is practically the only free-to-play flight simulator on the market. It is not as ambitious as Microsoft Flight Simulator, but it is free. It is a massive online multiplayer (MMO) where we will control all kinds of combat planes and we will face other players in a war who will be our enemies. The video game is available for PC (Windows and Linux), Mac, Android, PS4 and Xbox One.

Fishing Planet

If you like fishing, but you do not live near the sea, this title will allow you to put yourself in the shoes of an amateur fisherman who will improve and invest his earnings in traveling the world in search of new waters and acquiring more fishing licenses . It is available on desktop consoles. Also on Steam, both for PC and Mac.


Many strictly simulated video games are used by players to learn in the real world. This is the case of driving simulation, for example. If playing is a waste of time for you, you may like Investopedia. It is a simulator for buying and selling financial assets . Playing with virtual assets, you can learn to buy and sell stocks or cryptocurrencies , set a stop loss or even manage the risk of your investment portfolio.

The simulator is web-based , so you can access the app both from your computer and from any iOS or Android terminal.

Best free to play simulators for iOS and Android

Bus Simulator: Ultimate

Buy a bus, settle in a city and take all kinds of trips to become a profitable company. This game is available on iOS and Android. It has a huge catalog of very realistic buses , based on real models and with very well done interiors. We will program our own road routes and drive the vehicle ourselves with the passengers on board. Their valuations are close to excellent.

Truck Simulator 2018: Europe

If you prefer to drive without passengers, you can play this other title similar to Euro Truck Simulator, but for free. You will have to buy trucks and move goods from one point to another in Europe. Again, it is a smartphone game that is available on both Android and iPhone / iPad.

Car Mechanic Simulator: Repair & Tune Cars

In this game you will be inside a mechanical workshop . Customers will bring you all kinds of vehicles and you will have to repair them step by step, change parts or even modify them. Once you have changed the turbo, clutch or even the trocola joint, you can test the cars and do the kaffir for a while on your own private circuit. The ratings of the game are really spectacular, and you can play on iOS and Android.

PC: Simulator

Buying a PC from parts is much cheaper than buying a pre-assembled one. The downside is that if you don’t have the right knowledge (or a trusted friend to help you out), saving by buying a Master Race becomes an impossible mission.

Assembling a PC nowadays doesn’t have much of a mystery (well, Henry Cavill doesn’t think so), as putting the processor, memory, or PCI express cards on the motherboard is a piece of cake. Even so, if you want to experiment and become familiar with hardware and brands, this computer assembly simulator for iPhone and Android is more than enough to end up hiring you at PcComponentes.

Construction Simulator 3 Lite

This mobile game offers you up to 50 machines to build bridges , roads, buildings and skyscrapers . You will be able to handle cranes, excavators, bulldozers and trucks from the perspective of the cabin. The game is free, but to enjoy a complete experience, we will have to pay the fee to unlock machines and work environments.

Farming Simulator 16

This is an older version of Farming Simulator that is available to play for free. It is an open world game , available on both mobile platforms with which we are going to till our land with all kinds of tractors and harvesters.