What to do if I have forgotten the password of a WinRAR archive?

For many years, programs focused on file compression and decompression have been part of our computers for different reasons. Here we can find a wide variety of software focused on these tasks, although one of the best known is WinRAR.

Initially, these applications allowed us to compress those files that we needed to reduce their weight and save disk space . This helped us a lot when it came to transporting them in the limited external storage units that we had at the time. Obviously this type of operation is maintained today, but at the same time many additional functions have been added.

What to do if I have forgotten the password of a WinRAR archive?

Depending on the needs we have, we can opt for some of these, equally focused on compression and decompression, but that offer us much more. As we told you before, WinRAR is one of the most interesting options that we can find and that most of you know. We must bear in mind that in these software solutions we sometimes work with sensitive or private files . Therefore, security here plays a very important role in order to protect the content of the tablets that we create.

Among the most common protection measures that are usually used in these applications, we find the passwords that we assign to them when compressing . At the same time, as a general rule, an encryption system is integrated to prevent access to these files by unwanted users. And it is that one of the most common uses of these compressed files, sharing them over the Internet with certain users. This is something that we carry out both on a personal level with friends, and more professionally with co-workers.

I do not remember the password an archive in WinRAR, what to do

In this way, access to all the content that we have added in that compressed file, which can sometimes be several gigabytes, will be restricted to those that we want. This means that they will only be able to unzip and extract all those included files and folders, those to which we provide the password . Otherwise, access to all of this will not be possible.

However, we may find ourselves faced with the unpleasant situation that we have forgotten or lost that password to access the compressed file in WinRAR. If we are faced with this fact, the heads of the aforementioned program want to make it very clear to us through their own website. And it is that, from the help section of the software, they make it clear to us that the program’s coding does not have back doors in these cases.

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What’s more, the developers of the application themselves mention that, if any of them forgets the password of one of their compressed files, they will not be able to access its content . To a large extent, this makes sense, especially if we take into account that we are dealing with a solution with a proven reputation and reliability, both at a functional and security level. In addition, as is the case with most current programs, everything related to the security and privacy of its clients is taken care of to the maximum.

It is true that there are some third-party solutions that assure us that we can restore password-protected archives. However, we must be somewhat careful with them, since on many occasions they are nothing more than malicious programs that try to introduce malware into our computers.