What to Do if You Can’t Log into Your Spotify Account

Spotify is undoubtedly one of the most popular streaming music platforms worldwide. However, we may encounter problems at the beginning when we log in to our account. In this case, the causes can be several and the messages we find when trying to log in too, however, if you can not log in to Spotify , this is all you can do to solve the problem.

When we are ready to log in to any of our accounts, we may make a mistake when we enter the username or password without realizing it and see that we cannot enter it. We may even have forgotten our password if we haven’t used that account for a long time. However, it is always possible to request a password reset .

If after this, we cannot reset it or we have another series of problems when trying to log in to Spotify, this is all we can do to solve the problem.


What to do if we cannot log in to Spotify

If the username or password is incorrect

The first thing we can do if the message that appears to us is that the username or password is incorrect is to use the tool that Spotify offers us to reset our password .

cuenta de spotify

This will show us a page where we have to indicate our email address or username on the platform and click Send. We will automatically receive an email at the address linked to our Spotify account. There we will find a link, Re-establish password, which will open a new page where we will have to indicate the new password, repeat it to confirm, mark the security captcha and click on the Send button. If all goes well, we will have managed to change the password and we can already try to log in to our Spotify account.


We do not receive the message to reset the password

If for anything, after entering our email address from the password reset page, the email message with the link does not arrive:

  • Check in the spam or spam folder .
  • Check the filters that we can have applied in the mail.
  • Look in the bin in case we have deleted the message without noticing.
  • If it still does not appear, we can repeat the process and send us a new one.

The password reset link does not work

We have received the email but the link Reset password does not work and a message appears saying “Your password reset link is invalid, or has already been used”, then we will have to try to send us a new link. Once we receive the message, without clicking on the link itself we will have to follow the following steps:

  • We go to the message of Re-establish password that we have received by mail.
  • We right-click on the link Reset password and select the Copy link option .
  • We open a private browsing tab or incognito mode in our browser.
  • We paste the link we have copied and press Enter to access.
  • If the page loads correctly now, we follow the steps to reset the password.

There is no Spotify account with that email

Another possibility is that an error message appears indicating that there is no Spotify account associated with that email address. In that case, we may be indicating the address incorrectly.

Therefore, we must ensure that this is the address associated with the platform account or try other email addresses that we have. One way to check what our account is, is that we search our mailboxes for a message from Spotify. In the one we find will be the one we should try to log in.

If we still can’t, we can try to choose the option Login with our Facebook account from the login page.

You do not have access to your account email

If, for whatever reason, we do not have access to the email account for password recovery, then we must try to recover access to that email address. If we do not succeed, then we will have to contact Spotify, identify ourselves as the owners of said account and request that the email address associated with the platform be changed.

If we still have problems, then all we have left is to create a new account and start over from the beginning.

Other problems to start in your Spotify account

In addition to the circumstances indicated above, we may encounter another series of problems when signing in to our Spotify account:

  • We believe that our account has been stolen : If we have any indication that makes us suspect that someone has been able to steal our account. Then from the following link we can see the steps to follow in this case to recover the Spotify account .
  • Our account has been disabled : In this case it can be given that the account has been stolen or that a debit rejection has occurred, that is, that the payment corresponding to the subscription has not been made. In any case, we can contact Spotify from the contact form > Login> I cannot log in to Spotify> I still need help.
  • A notice appears indicating that we have been abroad for 14 days : You can use Spotify in a country other than the one you have registered in your account for up to 14 days. After this time, it is necessary to upload to Premium or change the country registered in your account.
  • We cannot log in with Facebook : In this case, we can go to the contact form > Log in> I need help with Spotify and Facebook and click on the button I still need help. This will enable another form for us to better explain what our problem is. In this way, Spotify will try to help us once our information is received.