The Best 1 TB External Drives that are Cheap and of Good Quality

external-diskThe external disks due to its usefulness to take from one side to another information that can be shared, have become one of the accessories that no one should be missing. There are many models on the market, but those with a capacity of 1 TB are the most demanded since they offer a fairly acceptable cost for every giga they include. We show what you have to look for to get one of quality and, also, several models that are very inherent.

There are things that are essential and shared in accessories of this type. An example is that the design is usually attractive and functional, because the dimensions are small . With this, and because the weight is also low, it is certain that they do not pose any problem when carrying it from side to side both in the coat pocket in the backpack. By the way, there is something that is essential and that, fortunately, is currently fulfilled in virtually all models that are for sale: compatibility is perfect, since it is possible to use them with both macOS devices and those that use Windows

Disco duro Seagate Slim

What external disks must meet to be of quality

Leaving aside the storage space that in the case at hand is 1 TB, there are more or less capacity, one of the things that an accessory of this type must always meet is offering adequate connectivity. Ideally, the one used is USB , since this is currently considered standard. To ensure that the operation is adequate, the ideal is that the integrated interface is compatible with version 3.0 . It is not a bad idea in the times that a type C port is included, since more and more equipment is being used.

If this is fulfilled, the external disks that are purchased offer a wide utility, since apart from ensuring a fast transfer when writing or reading data, it is also possible to even carry applications that run independently on the accessory itself without you notice a low endorsement. In addition, high resolution multimedia content management, such as 4K videos.

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Without leaving connectivity, there is something we believe is important: the model chosen must be Bus Powered . This means that the energy needed to operate the peripheral is acquired from the connection itself. Therefore, you save on cables to use -important this in mobility-. But, yes, it must be taken into account that additional energy is consumed in portable computers. The truth is that this toll to pay is worth it.

Other options that should always be reviewed

One of the things is that the weight of the external disks is less than 200 grams for, as we have indicated before, that the transport is comfortable and does not suppose any problem when adding it to the laptop that is carried in the backpack. In what has to do with consumption, it is recommended that this does not exceed 20 watts per hour, since this ensures that it is not a very large problem for autonomy (and, in addition, if it offers Standby mode when no use is given, much better).

Puertos USB tipo C en el Huawei Matebook X Pro

You may have doubts about whether a model with a traditional disk (HDD) or one that includes an SSD type is better. Obviously the latter are better both in performance and durability, but the price is usually higher. Thus. Here you have to perform an assessment exercise between the use that will be given and what you have to pay. The most recommended one of solid state, but not always necessary (especially if the goal is only to store information).

Recommended models you can buy


One of the external disks that arrives with a wide resistance since its casing is very solid and, this, is always positive. Compatible with the USB 3.1 standard and, therefore, with all of the above. It offers a good transfer rate so the performance is optimal, and its weight stays at only 151 grams. Important to indicate that SafetyKey is integrated to ensure the integrity of the data stored.

Maxtor STSHX-M101TCBM – External Hard Drive 1TB (2.5 “, USB 3.0 / 3.1 Gen 1)

EUR 46.25

Samsung MU-PA1T0B

A model that includes an SDD inside, so it offers really good performance … as well as to even run an operating system. With transfer rates of 540 MB / s, this external disk is one of the lightest you can find since its weight falls below 50 grams. With a good finish in its housing and being Bus Powered type, it is striking that it is a model that uses USB type C.

Samsung MU-PA1T0B, T5 Disk Solid State External SSD USB, 1TB, Black

EUR 184.21

Verbatim Store’n’Go

An accessory without great pretensions but that we believe offers a very good solvency and, therefore, is an appropriate choice. It complies with all that may be needed for such an accessory, and its 64 MB cache allows you to take advantage of the USB 3.0 standard options with which it is compatible. If your weight is 184 grams and the design quite attractive for being something different.

Verbatim Store’n’Go USB 3.0 1TB – 1 TB External Hard Drive (USB 3.0, 2.5 “, 5000 MB / s), Silver

EUR 67.54

LaCie Rugged Mini

Possibly this is one of the external disks of all those chosen that offers greater resistance to falling impacts, so it must be taken into account for this. Its housings are protected with a rubber element that also gives it a good degree of water resistance. Compatible with USB 3.0 being the port used type C, it is somewhat heavy since it reaches 300 grams, but this is due to the commented elements that provide security.

LaCie Rugged Mini – 1 TB external hard drive, with USB C + USB 3.0

EUR 97.10

Transcend StoreJet 25M3S

Possibly this external disk is one of the most attractive of all that can be purchased at this time with a capacity of 1 TB. It does not lack striking options, such as that includes military grade resistance or that there is a button to reconnect the peripheral quickly in case the accessory is at rest. Compatible with USB 3.1, and the weight is only 221 grams, so it does not lack lightness despite all the comments.

Transcend StoreJet 25M3S – 1 TB External Hard Drive (USB 3.1 Gen 1) Iron Gray

EUR 64.00

Crucial CT1000X8SSD9 1TB X8

Another model that includes an SSD inside, which ensures optimal operation in all types of situations. With great compatibility with the current operating systems, both USB Type A and Type C interfaces can be used with this model, which is very positive. Endures falls of up to two meters high, and its weight is below 100 grams. This external disk type Bus Powered, so you do not need many cables to use it.

Crucial CT1000X8SSD9 1TB X8 Portable SSD, up to 1050MB / s, USB 3.2, USB-C, USB-A

EUR 180.28

Toshiba Canvio Basics

Possibly this is one of the models that offers a more interesting quality / price ratio, so you should not fail to value your purchase. Black and with simple lines in what has to do with its design, this external disk only weighs 139 grams, very positive since it is not SSD type. One of its best details is that consumption is reduced, since it stays in just 10 several hours, which is quite little and is suitable for use with laptops.

Toshiba Canvio Basics – External Hard Drive, 2.5 inches (6.4 cm), Black, 1 TB

EUR 44,25

Seagate STEA1000400 Expansion

Few are the fissures that exist in this model, since its capacity is adequate and the performance also since it takes advantage of USB 3.0 are the slightest problem. Its polycarbonate shell is striking, something that is appreciated, and withstands the falls quite well. As a storage or backup device it is excellent, and the weight is less than 200 grams, so carrying it costs nothing. One of the external disks to consider.

Seagate STEA1000400 Expansion – 1 TB Portable External Hard Drive for PC with USB 3.0, Black, Standard Edition 2019

EUR 49.90

SanDisk Portable SSD

With an excellent invoice finish and options such as water resistance (it is compatible with IP55), this model is one of those that must be taken into account since it even offers a hooking element to carry it from one side to the other safely. With a transfer rate that reaches 550 MB / s, since it is an SSD model, it is the lightest since it stays below 40 grams. Its compatibility is simply excellent.

SanDisk, Portable SSD (1TB, up to 550MB / s Read Speed, 1TB, Black

EUR 174.99

WD Elements

Aesthetically, this external disk is not particularly noteworthy, since there is nothing that makes it attract attention, neither in the lines nor in the color it offers is that matt black. But, as far as your hardware is concerned, everything that is included makes it a fairly complete solution. The power is acquired from the USB port that it includes, which is compatible with the 3.0 standard, and is an excellent option to safely store one of the files that fit in 1 TB.

WD Elements – 1 TB portable external hard drive with USB 3.0, black color

EUR 49.92