What Programs Can Slow the Internet

Having a good Internet connection is a very important factor for users. There are many occasions when problems arise and there is a slowdown in the connection, cuts and failures that prevent you from navigating correctly. In this article we are going to explain which programs and services could affect the speed of the connection . In this way we can avoid it at times when we have a limited connection and we need it to work as well as possible.

Having a slow internet is a problem

It is necessary to start from the base that nowadays it is almost essential to have a good Internet speed . We have more and more computers connected to the network. We can talk about computers and mobiles, but also about many other devices of what is known as the Internet of Things.

What Programs Can Slow the Internet

All of this makes having a good connection a must . Especially it is vital to have an adequate Internet speed when we are going to play streaming videos in maximum quality, upload content to the cloud, play online or download large files. Now, the truth is that we cannot always make our connection work well.

There are many occasions when we run into speed problems , beyond stability and quality. What can influence the loss of speed? It is true that many parameters come into play here, such as the connection we have contracted, the installation, the hardware of the equipment … But what type of services and programs we have making use of that connection will also have a lot to do with it.

It is important to know what is consuming more resources to avoid problems when the speed is not the best and our connection works slow. In this way we can close those applications or stop using certain platforms at any given time.

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What can slow the internet

Keep in mind that we are not only talking about specific programs, but also different uses that we can give to the network or services that we use. That is, for example we can talk about the use of the cloud, something that can slow down the connection, and is not something exclusive to a specific program. We are going to focus on the software level, on applications or platforms that we use.

Internet Downloads

Without a doubt, downloading files from the Internet is one of the reasons why our connection can be slow. In case we are using another computer connected to the network and downloading software, files or any document, this could mean a decrease in the quality of the connection.

Especially this could be significant if for example we are downloading heavy torrents. The programs may be using the maximum of the connection that we have available and that could translate to a considerable loss of speed.

Play Streaming Videos

Using services such as Netflix or HBO , as well as any similar platform, can also significantly affect Internet speed. This would especially happen if we are watching series or movies in the highest quality and our connection is limited.

If we have this problem, an interesting tip is to try to lower the quality of the videos. In this way we can continue playing series or movies but we will not absorb so much bandwidth.

Upload content to the cloud

Something similar to the downloads we mentioned above is the fact of uploading content to the cloud . It is very common to have services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. There we can host a wide variety of content, store photo or video folders, for example.

However this can affect internet speed if we are constantly loading content. We could see that it slows down when we use this type of platform from another computer connected to the network at the same time.

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Update the system or applications

Another issue to take into account and that could be weighing down the Internet connection is to update the system or any application that we have installed. It is true that it is very important to maintain security and proper operation to be able to have everything properly updated, but it could also mean a loss of speed at certain times when the connection is limited.

What can we do to avoid problems when updating the operating system, for example? We can schedule it for times when we are not using the connection. For example when we are eating and we are not using the computer and we do not need the Internet speed to be maximum.

Automatic syncs

Automatic syncs tend to be quite internet consuming. This will depend on the type of device and what we are synchronizing. Normally we usually synchronize the files of the mobile with the computer, for example. In this case you may be exchanging large files such as videos or photo folders.

Logically this will affect our connection. It could be using a large chunk of bandwidth at any one time. We must control the configuration of the synchronizations and avoid the moments when we are going to need an optimal speed, such as when making a video call.

Online games

Playing on the Internet is very common on both computers and mobile devices. It depends on the game we can see a significant decrease in Internet speed. They can consume a lot of resources and if we are playing at that moment from another team or updating it, we could have problems.

Therefore, we must also take care of the use of online video games if we want to use the connection 100%. Otherwise we could suffer limitations and the dreaded loss of speed when browsing the Internet.

Video calls

Video calls are part of our day to day. More and more services are available to us. We have many programs that we can use on our mobiles to be in permanent contact with friends and family.

Now, it is a reality that video calls need significant resources to be able to function normally. Especially if they have a good quality they will need a good connection so that there are no cuts and the image quality is correct at all times. That is why if we are making a video call from one device it could affect the connection in others.

Ultimately, these are some of the services and programs that could slow down your Internet connection. It is interesting to control the use we have and thus avoid that the Internet is slow and having problems when browsing or using any platform.