Ambie, Free Program to Play Relaxing Sounds

Today we spend more and more hours in front of the computer, as our PC has become an essential work tool. When it comes to improving our productivity in front of the screen, we can choose to listen to different types of sound that will make us relax and be more concentrated. This is something we can do with a tool like Ambie , which we are going to talk about today.

In our daily life we will surely find ourselves with different circumstances that make us have a stressed life. Therefore, one of the most recommended options to perform better at work is to create an atmosphere of tranquility, which makes us face our tasks in the most relaxed way possible. For this, there is nothing better than the possibility of listening to relaxing sounds on our computer that allow us to concentrate more on the task we are doing.


Ambie is a free and open source application with which we can reproduce ambient atmosphere sound , simple and direct, without ornaments or extra functions that are responsible for diverting attention from its main reason, which is none other than to achieve our relaxation. That is why, if we have never tried a similar tool before, it is a good opportunity to start. Its different environmental tones will help us to be healthier, happier and more relaxed.

It is a very practical tool for all those people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer or who simply need ambient sounds to relax. The application is responsible for evoking primordial tones, similar to nature, makes it suitable for meditating, relaxing, exercising, reading or inspiring us when writing.

Enjoy relaxing and harmonic sounds with Ambie

Once we run the application we find its main menu with a simple interface and minimalist commands. In the first instance we find 13 different types of sounds : Beach, Birds, Urban Street, Cafeteria, Stream, Bonfire, Rain, Tropical Forest, Thunder, Under the Sea, Waterfall, White Noise and Wind.

Ambie interfaz

It will only be necessary to select a sound and Ambie will start playing it, being able to control the volume by adjusting the slider in the lower left corner. In addition, it allows us to mix and match different sounds so that we can reproduce them simultaneously. For example, we can configure the sound of the birds with the stream so that we have the feeling of being in a search.

Ambie mezclar sonidos

Mix sounds and save your settings

Each of the sound effects also has its own volume slider. This allows us to play with the sounds, making one stand out from the other, up to a maximum of three simultaneous sounds. In the same way, it will not be necessary to use the volumes of the system to be able to listen to relaxing sounds. Once the sound mix is configured, we can save its configuration by clicking on the floppy disk icon in the lower left corner.

Ambie catálogo de sonidos

We can also find some additional sounds available in its catalog, which we can access by clicking on the musical note symbol that we find in the upper left part of the screen. Here we will find new free options that include sounds such as Library, Office, Walking on snow, Crashing waves, Space station, Fan, Turning pages, Train, among others. In addition, we find two premium downloads that we can buy through the application at a price of 0.99 euros.

Use it as a screensaver and set a timer

If we click on the three points at the top, a drop-down menu opens where we can use Ambie as a screen saver , which shows us images while playing the sound. In addition, it should be noted that the application has a timer , which we can access by clicking on the moon-shaped icon. It offers us the possibility of configuring it in intervals of 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

Ambie temporizador

Finally, we must mention that the program has a compact mode , which allows us to reduce the interface. In this way, it only shows us the sound options and the global sound slider, dispensing with the environmental sound sliders. Since the application cannot be minimized in the system tray, it is the best option available so that its interface does not disturb us while we work with the computer.

Ambie modo compacto

Free Download Ambie

Ambie is an open source and completely free application that we can download from Microsoft‘s own store. By downloading from here, we guarantee complete integration with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. In addition, we can be sure that it does not contain any type of virus or malware, so that we can use it completely safely.

The latest version available for Ambie is 1.3.1 that was released at the end of February 2021 , which speaks of the good support and update policy that both its developer and its user community show, one of the great advantages of being before an open source tool.

Developer: Jenius Apps

Alternatives to Ambie

If we are looking for an application that allows us to relax while listening to different sounds, we suggest some alternatives to Ambie to consider.

Atmosphere Lite

This application is characterized by having a wide variety of sounds related to nature. It includes some editing options, since it allows us to determine the frequency and amount of effects that are associated with each scenario. We can download Atmosphere Lite for free from this link .


It is a web application that offers us different audio sessions that we can use to relax, sleep and meditate. We will find all kinds of music to sleep, sounds of nature, meditation lessons, etc. Preset relaxation sessions are available in intervals of 2, 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes in length. To start discovering all the benefits of Calm, it will only be necessary to enter its website .

Ambient Mixer

From this website we can listen to all kinds of music to relax and surprising sound effects. We can also create our own mixes of atmospheric sounds, being able to edit each track. It features a wide variety of preset sounds, from amazing mysterious forest sounds to classics like nature and meditation. We can access it for free by clicking on this link .