How to Learn Photography through the Photo Mode of Video Games

If you still find people who say that video games are a waste of time, pass these videos created by Miles Morales. This professional photographer has made a series of videos where he takes advantage of the included photo mode to improve the photography skills of anyone who is interested. And be careful, because not only is it a fantastic idea with which you will make better captures of your games, also when you go out with your camera for a walk, on a trip, etc., you will be able to take advantage of all this knowledge.

Learning photography through video games

Miles Morales is a professional photographer living in Texas who is responsible for a series of videos that show, once again, that video games can be very useful for a variety of reasons. One of these is the ability to teach users new skills, including photography.

How to Learn Photography

Yes, even to improve your photography skills, video games can be worth it . And this is demonstrated by this user who, relying on the tools that include the photo modes of various games, is teaching others how each of the parameters affects the final result. But not only does it stop there, in showing the difference of taking a portrait with a 35mm or 80mm focal length, it also gives guidelines to improve the composition,


For example, in this video he makes use of the God of War photo mode and gets really eye-catching photos. It is also true that the title lends itself a lot to being continuously with the active photo mode and looking for the perfect photo thanks to that graphic quality both in characters and settings, but many other titles could be used that also incorporate all that set of advanced tools to photographic level and that later you find yourself in reflex or mirrorless cameras.

Of course, the idea of ​​Miles Morales is not only to teach you the differences that the use of different parameters generates in the same photograph. As we said, in his videos he also gives explanations about aspects that go beyond technique, something that sooner or later everyone can learn. This series also places a lot of emphasis on how to compose an image for much more striking results.

Thus, as Morales himself indicates, the idea is not only that you learn photography and improve your skills to take better captures while you play, but also that you be able to take all that knowledge to the real world and apply it when you use your camera or even your mobile phone to capture everything around you.

Video games with a spectacular photo mode

In addition to the valuable content that Miles Morales provides in his videos, if this series is also useful for something, it is to discover some of the video games with the best photo mode . Because although this option when capturing has been popularized and improved over the years, it is not the same in all titles that incorporate it.

In these that Morales uses, what you will find are options that you would later have on a DSLR or mirrorless camera, even in the Pro settings of your smartphone’s camera . Although in the latter you would be somewhat limited according to what parameter.

Undoubtedly, a very enjoyable way to learn photography while enjoying what can be another of your great passions: the world of video games.