What is the relationship between Xiaomi and Amazfit?

What is the relationship between Xiaomi and Amazfit

Since time immemorial, many users have come to the conclusion that both Xiaomi and Amazfit are practically the same and that they are part of the same business conglomerate and that they act as simple names that differentiate their product catalog so as not to be done, most of the time. , competition. Fortunately (or unfortunately) this is not the case, so we are going to take it seriously so that, from now on, you see the two companies for what they are: two firms each with its own strategy and catalog of devices.

Lets start by the beginning

First of all, a couple of things should be pointed out. The first is that Xiaomi is Xiaomi. That is to say, a huge Chinese company that just as it puts a next-generation smartphone in your pocket , it sells you an electric toothbrush or an air purification system, all intelligent, and that we can control thanks to its official application destined to these tasks. In addition, it has around it an entire ecosystem of sub-brands that distribute certain ranges of products other than those covered by the main branch.

On the other hand we have (we had) Huami, which is an independent company quite unknown in Spain but which has its own line of wearables that, on occasion, has come to manufacture products for Xiaomi that have been sold in stores under the Mi range. Band. Although in China, it is true, it has been thanks to the protection of the technological giant that many of Huami’s products were able to see the light, for which a kind of special collaboration was established between both companies.

But we reach the month of March 2021 and Huami announces that it is going to adopt a new name and that its stage name will become Zepp Health worldwide, in part due to that Zepp range of smart watches that the company had been developing. that healthy approach to most of the products it sells has been around for a long time now. With that decision, all Amazfit models and all Zepp models had to be renamed Zepp Health.

But, how come you don’t use your current name for many of the models you launch in our country? The answer is simple: success.

It’s time for the conclusions

In one of those unexpected twists of the script caused by good sales, Zepp Health made the decision not to touch in countries like Spain the name of the brand with which it had been marketing its main products, which had benefited from a certain boost and support given by Xiaomi, which was key in the expansion and reputation of the Amazfit brand in our territory in the first moments after its landing.

The strong sales it has today and the brand image, established and with a reputation for offering good quality devices at an undeniable price, were key for Zepp Health to decide not to touch Amazfit in our country, which already operates practically independently from Xiaomi. So much so that the reference app to control our activity with the smartwatch, or the smartband, has ceased to be that Mi Fit and has been replaced by the company’s own, called Zepp.

In short, Amazfit, or what is the same Zepp Health, and Xiaomi are not the same company but two completely different ones, which have collaborated in the past but, as the months go by, make it increasingly clear that their paths They are irretrievably separating.