3 ways to avoid spam messages on mobile

If you’re tired of receiving spam messages on your mobile or it’s the first time this has happened to you, but you don’t want it to happen again, we’ll tell you what you can do to prevent spam messages from reaching you on your mobile .

It is also recommended that you check with your operator if they have any service to prevent unwanted messages. And, of course, do not answer them under any circumstances as they could save your phone in a list to continue contacting you.

3 ways to avoid spam messages on mobile

Do not give your number on unknown websites and sites

The best way to stop unwanted messages is not to give out your number on unknown websites and sites. Although it can also be a risk to do so on more well-known sites, such as Facebook, the truth is that if you give this information to sites that you do not know, it is possible that they use it to send you advertising, malware or fill you with spam.

If you need to give a number to a service that you really need and you don’t have a secondary or prepaid line to turn to, you can use a virtual number service. There are several applications and websites that offer you this service for free and can help you “get by” in these situations. One of them is eSIM Number , which is paid, but you can have it for free with certain actions. Interesting options are Hushed or FreePhoneNum.

You can also simply avoid sites that ask for your number if they are not trustworthy, or not give this information if you can avoid including it. Even so, this does not guarantee you total peace of mind, since there are technologies that allow you to generate numbers automatically and can send automated SMS without your consent. But better safe than sorry.

Activate the spam filter

One of the steps you must take to end spam on your mobile is to activate the anti-spam filter. To do this, just go to the messages application and from there you will access the settings. You will find it in the 3 dots at the top right of the page. Once you do, a section called Spam Protection will appear at the bottom of the page. Press and check that it is marked (as in the image). If you can’t find it, go to Advanced Settings and search for it. Only with this you will have this filter activated, making it impossible for someone you do not want to contact you.

If instead of settings you go to the section that says Spam and blocked , you will find the numbers you have dialed like this and you will be able to see the messages. If you suspect that a message you were waiting for has stopped there, you only have to check it in this section, although it is not most likely.

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Block and mark as spam

You should know that, if they send you messages from a specific number, you can also prevent messages from reaching you by blocking it. Depending on the phone, the route may vary. In the message itself, if you go to details, you can click Block and mark as spam. Sometimes you won’t have to follow the complete route since an option will appear from the SMS itself, which is to indicate if it is not spam or mark it as unwanted. On iPhone you can access this option from the contact, in Info (i), clicking on Block this contact.

marcar numero como spam If you have been called from this same number, you can easily dial and block it from the phone that appears in the call log. You can also use an external app for these functions, as is the case with True Caller, although it will not be necessary if you follow the steps indicated above.

marcar como spam numero


As a bonus , although it should be more effective than it really is, we advise you to join the Robinson List to avoid unwanted advertising, which includes advertising by post, email, SMS, SMS and phone calls . You just have to go to the web and click Sign up for the list. Also, it doesn’t hurt that you have a good antivirus system on your smartphone and do not open these messages under any circumstances, much less enter links that they may lead to.