What is spatial audio? Do all mobiles have it?

In recent times we have seen how the sound of smartphones has become more important, not only for users, but also for manufacturers, since they have realized that it is one of the aspects in which they are most set by smartphone buyers. For example, it’s been a few years since spatial audio began to be supported on Android.

Specifically, it was with the version of Android 7 that Google decided to start adding this audio technology. And despite the fact that a good amount of time has already passed, the truth is that this type of audio is still unknown to many people. Therefore, if you are one of them, this will be the best way to know what exactly spatial audio is and how you can get it on your Android mobile.

What is spatial audio

What is it for

For those of you who have never hated talking about this type of sound, which is known as spatial audio , it does not have much difficulty. Basically, we are facing a technology that processes sounds so that they reach the person who is listening to a song, video, etc. more precisely, creating a sound atmosphere around the device that is totally immersive for the listener.

audio espacial android iphone

However, this type of sound is not based only on the mixing of separate channels, but the sounds can be moved and positioned with better precision so that the user can hear them from the same position in which the action is. . In this case, it means that yes, normally each earphone behaves individually, in the case of spatial audio it is not.

This type of technology manages to maintain the sound along with the movement of the terminal screen, taking the source device as a reference and not losing any information in the sound. So we can get to enjoy 5.1 or 7.1 channels , as long as the headphones allow it. In short, it creates a directional source between both points, generating a more immersive environment, even if you move your head or are in motion.

How is it used?

The spatial audio on a mobile device is a bit different than that used by, for example, movie theaters. Basically, because we are looking at virtual surround sound, but it works in a very similar way. The audio source is encoded so that the music has a specific place that it should be coming from, so it feels like it’s from a specific location.

Although, to use this type of sound, the first thing to take into account is the fact of knowing if the content you play on your mobile is not suitable for this type of spatial audio. In addition, it will also be necessary to have headphones to enjoy this type of sound , since the stereo speakers of the smartphone itself will not be able to achieve it.

Therefore, in order to start listening to this spatial audio, you must have the correct headphones , that is, they must be compatible. Therefore, you will have to look for the identifier that they are compatible, either with Dolby Atmos, or with Sony‘s 360º technology. In addition, we must know what technology will be necessary so that we can enjoy this audio on Android phones, since not all have the necessary software.

Which mobiles are compatible

To begin with, the reality is that the spatial audio that Apple mobiles boast is compatibility with Dolby Atmos , a technology that we have spoken about on other occasions, and that is already increasingly present in the Android world. So, we can enjoy spatial sound on our Android mobile, as long as it is compatible with Dolby Atmos.

Now, we must always bear in mind that both the Android mobile and the headphones are capable of reproducing these sounds. Basically, this technology is pretty much the same as Dolby Atmos , so it is another way of describing this sound by Apple than a completely new technology. That is, we are facing surround sound.

Tecnología Dolby Atmos

To access this menu with various options, all you have to do is open the settings menu on your mobile. Then, go to the Sound section, and there we will find an Audio Tuner option, which can be Dolby Atmos, Dirac or another.

Once we enter this section, we will have the possibility to change its configuration. Even modify it to have an intelligent sound, movie, game … However, all these options will vary depending on our mobile device, since not all the customization layers offer the same settings, no matter how much they are all Android.

Although, we can also go to Settings and use the quick search engine to write Dolby Atmos. If it appears in the search engine, it will mean that we will have this technology, so we could also have our own tuner or equalizer. Later, within this audio tuner , we will have to change the register and apply optimal sound effects, or surround sound with clearer voices, or even more realistic vocal and instrumental sounds.

Get it on your Android

As we said, it will depend on whether our Android phone has Dolby Atmos technology. Although, luckily, we can also achieve greater precision in spatial sound thanks to applications that improve this feature. Although, obviously, your device will have to have this technology as standard.

Because one thing is that each smartphone comes with the necessary function to have surround sound, but another is that it can develop it correctly or optimize it giving the best possible result at all times. And, by having spatial audio, a sound field is created around the mobile. This allows us to hear the location of sounds with better precision.

Mejorar sonido del móvil

Therefore, the most useful method to get to enjoy this technology on Android mobiles will be using an application that supports it. In our case, we recommend Noozxoide EIZO-rewire PRO , an app that was free on the Play Store, but now we can only get it thanks to an APK file .

This app, which is completely free, manages to create a virtual surround sound from any source on the mobile phone. Therefore, we encourage you to configure the application, connect your headphones, play a movie and enjoy an immersive atmosphere produced by spatial sound.