What is Shein: What does it sell, shipping costs and delivery time?

Shein has become one of the most popular online stores and many people buy through the web and the app from this Chinese fast fashion store. If you have heard about this store but you do not know what Shein is, what we can buy or if it is reliable or not, if it is recommended or not.

Shein is a Chinese online store whose main or differential characteristic is that the products that we will find are very cheap. Very low prices compared to other online stores or physical stores that offer the same products. In addition, a lot of variety means that Shein is succeeding among all audiences.

What is Shein

Catalog and what sells

The Shein catalog is one of its strengths or advantages because we find practically everything and for everyone. In the main menu we find several general categories: women, plus sizes, children, men, beauty and home . And, as we can guess, within those main categories we find subcategories with thousands of products of all kinds and for everyone. Of all sizes and all possible designs , although they all have something in common: very low prices.


We can buy dresses, tops, sweatshirts, pants, pajamas, shoes, bags, jewelry or sportswear. But Shein also has a section of products for the home in which we can buy decoration accessories, sheets or towels, decoration, storage products or even lamps. Although the store is generally used to buy clothes for both men , women and children and with thousands of options available that make it easy to find what we need or what we want to buy because in Shein there is practically everything.


Conditions of purchase and shipping costs

When buying at Shein there are some aspects to take into account and that we must review before making a purchase, as in any other online store.

Payment methods and taxes

The payment methods that we can use at Shein are the ones we usually use in any online store: we can pay with a credit card and we can pay with a debit card but also with PayPal, with Clearpay, with Klarla in installments or with Scalapay. All the prices that appear on the web page have all the corresponding taxes included and the VAT included already applied in what is shown.

Shipping costs and shipping time

Another of the most common questions is how long does Shein take? If we are going to buy online there are stores that send us the product in 24 hours or in 48 hours but in the case of Shein we have to wait a little longer and it will depend on the type of shipping we choose for our order that we have some expenses and a time.

We can choose economic shipping for 1.90 euros, choose a collection point with a time of about fifteen days or two weeks and with a price of 2.90 euros (or free for purchases over 29 euros) or choose standard shipping for 3 90 euros or free from purchases of more than 29 euros and with delivery in about two weeks.

If we are in a hurry, Shein allows us to pay 7.90 for express delivery and we will see the approximate time when we have the purchase ready, but it will be about seven or eight days.



One of Shein’s main problems is getting our size right because it will depend on the garment. But, as in most clothing stores, we can make returns if what we have bought is not right and as long as we meet a series of requirements that we will read in the conditions of sale.

Shein has free returns and items eligible for return can be returned within 45 days from the date of purchase. There are three methods available: through the Parcel Shop, through a Post Office or choosing us the logistics company to make the return.

Shein comprar

There are exceptions in the return. They explain from Shein: “the following items cannot be returned : bodysuits, underwear, products from the “BEAUTY” category, supplies for parties and events, DIY supplies, pet products, jewelry and accessories (except scarves, bags and blankets). ). Refunds cannot be made for swimwear that has damaged hygienic protection.