What is CameraX and how it can improve the quality of photos on Instagram

Years ago Google announced the arrival of CameraX as an advance in its service with which great improvements were promised in the applications that we frequently use from our Android mobile, such as Instagram, among others. It consists of the third API of this type, which from the beginning promised to be available for any device with an Android version equal to or greater than Lollipop. There are more and more smartphones that already have it and the new versions of the operating system promise improvements in this regard.

It’s easier to use, more consistent, and inherits features from Camera2 with another approach, adding the expected resolution of device compatibility issues without additional developer work.

What is CameraX

What is CameraX and what does it actually do?

The CameraX API allows app developers to take advantage of native mobile camera features with as little as 2 lines of code. With it, extensions are used to add effects such as night mode, portrait, HDR processing and more. As long as it is supported by the devices to work with the apps that use it, the frequent problems of the camera in Instagram and other applications from Android will be solved, something that does not happen in the iPhone. Unless you have a very old mobile you will not have problems with it.

CameraX itself is a support library (it is included in the Jetpack library ) to make camera app development easier and with which developers can incorporate manufacturers’ camera features into their apps with very little effort. lines of code, as we have already said. Therefore, since its launch it has become the solution to problems in applications such as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and others on Android devices, as it is a bridge between the native camera and third-party cameras. Applications that choose to work with CameraX will benefit from its capabilities.

When using the built-in camera in the Instagram app without CameraX capabilities, what happens is that the compression is so great that the image quality deteriorates considerably. Therefore, many Android users have decided to give up this low quality by using the phone’s camera , which provides higher quality, and upload content from the gallery instead of uploading directly. The quality of doing it this way is much higher in photos and videos compared to doing it directly from Instagram.

Take the mobile camera to Instagram without leaving the app

By fixing compatibility issues on Instagram, CameraX is meant to improve the quality of photos and videos you take from within the app so you don’t have to leave the app to get the best image result. One of its basic functions is HDR processing that allows all areas of the photo to be perfectly exposed, solving image problems in many photographs, but it is not the only one, and there are more and more.

hacer fotos instagram

That is why it is the best solution to the complaints of users who see how the quality of the photos from the app itself is not as good as it should be and that they have to leave the application to obtain better images. Not only better, but in many cases decent. In this way, you will take much better advantage of the possibilities of the famous photo social network, optimizing your photos by taking advantage of the potential of your mobile’s cameras and making your stories more original.

Without a doubt, a great innovation for Instagram that would take the photos of Android devices to another level. Although for now iPhone is still the best option. What do you think about it?