What is and How to Activate the Safe Mode in Huawei

The safe mode on our phones is a function that will allow us to open a safe environment on our mobile device with which to carry out different options. In this way, if there has been a failure in our terminal when installing a third-party app, don’t worry. Once inside it, we can eliminate all types of malware or app that are giving us serious problems.

Even in safe mode we will have the alternative of extracting any file in the event that our device is really damaged and we want to recover the data we need. So it will always be good to have this great help, which is available on all Android smartphones. But how can we use it on a Huawei phone? Therefore, we will explain how it is done on the devices of this brand.

What is Safe Mode?

In any operating system it can sometimes be the case in which a simple application that we install causes our entire device to start to fail, either due to having accidentally installed malware or due to some kind of bug. If these cases occur, safe mode will be our great ally , since it allows us to start Android in a way in which only those basic applications that are integrated into the system will be executed as standard. Therefore, those apps that were not installed from the first moment when you started your mobile for the first time after purchasing it will be set aside.

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To more than one, this function will remind you of the safe mode of Windows, as it is very similar, but in this case it occurs in another operating system, specifically in Android. Later, we will explain to you what it will be for as soon as we access it. Although, we warn you that if your mobile does not have any problem or does not slow down when you are in this mode, you will know for sure that the problem you have is due to one of the installed applications .

In addition, in case you did not know, this mode is completely designed so that it can be executed when problems arise , but if you have started it accidentally and you do not know how to exit, nothing happens, later we will tell you how to do it. Therefore, it is important to know both how to start this mode and the method to exit it without making a harmful mistake for our phone.

In this way, we can uninstall the application that is making things difficult for us and those apps that prevent us from using how we usually do on the mobile. And as we have commented previously, in the extreme case that the error causes us not to be able to use our terminal again, it will also allow us to extract those files that you have in it and transfer them to your computer before taking drastic measures such as restoring Android and reset it to factory settings.

How to start it on Huawei

If you have a Huawei phone, you will be interested in knowing how to start this safe mode. So, in this way, if a problem has arisen, you can solve it easily, although it will not be as fast as we think. For this reason, it is important to know the steps that have to be carried out to be able to enter this safe mode .

Modo seguro Huawei

In addition, it will be easy to know whether or not we have managed to enter the safe mode, since the icons of the apps that did not come as standard will appear in gray in order to indicate that they are inactive and, therefore, it will not be possible to use them. We will see the shadow of those widgets that we have installed on our mobile device, but they cannot be used either. You will also know that the mobile has started with this mode because it will put it in the lower right corner. Even those that came standard like the Google search bar will not even work. But, let’s see the important thing, how to enter the safe mode.

May vary by EMUI version

Access to this safe mode will depend on the version of EMUI you have on your mobile. So we leave you how to do it depending on that version:

  • In versions prior to EMUI 9.1 : with the mobile off you will have to press the volume down button repeatedly while the terminal is turned on until “Safe Mode” is displayed.
  • In EMUI 9.1 or later : first turn off the mobile and then press and hold the volume up button and the power button for approximately 15 seconds. Once the phone is turned on, a menu will appear with the option “Safe Mode”. You will then need to use the volume buttons to scroll to that mode and press the power button to confirm.
  • In the Mate 30 series : before starting you will have to have the mobile off. Then press the power button 5 times after the initial vibration that indicates that the mobile is going to turn on. After this, we will be able to enter the safe mode.

What is it for

This mode allows users the possibility of loading the operating system of our mobile as if the terminal came from the factory, that is, it will be totally clean. This means that we will not have any third-party applications . This function gives us room for maneuver to detect which software is causing us problems in the terminal. Therefore, we will have to try to uninstall the installed apps and turn the terminal back on in normal mode to see if the problem has completely disappeared. It is easy to access, but the fact of having to uninstall the apps one by one will become quite a heavy job.

Desintalar apps en modo seguro Huawei

And it is that, in most cases, the problems come because of the third-party applications that have been downloaded, since they can cause malfunctions at any time. Such as, for example, unexpected reboots of our mobile or crashes, failures or strange operations of any kind or a considerable slowdown in the entire system. If this happens to us, safe mode will help us detect what is causing the problem.

How to exit Safe Mode

To be able to exit safe mode we will only have to restart the phone as we usually do . Once the mobile device is turned on, it is very likely that the apps on our desktop have been dislodged. So we recommend you take screenshots of how you had your mobile organized and then put it back as it was.