How to Use TikTok’s Secret Emojis: Hidden Codes

Emojis are an element that was introduced into our lives a few years ago and that, now, it seems impossible to write through social networks or messaging apps without using them. Small elements that are included by default on the keyboard of many smartphones or in those same applications for networks. But of course, the intensive use of these emoticons has meant that, in apps like TikTok, they hardly serve to highlight something among thousands of comments full of them. What would you tell us if we mentioned that there are 45 of these hidden elements within this social network? Today we explain how you can use the secret emojis of TikTok on your phone.

“Hidden” emoticons in social networks

Use TikTok's Secret Emojis: Hidden Codes
Indeed, after an abusive use of these symbols, faces or elements, it is now difficult to stand out on social networks when we use them. Where before there was an emoticon every 5 comments, now it is quite rare to find one that does not use it.

For this reason, the creators of the Emojipedia or, even, companies like Apple, Samsung , and a long etcetera develop their own emoticons to increase the catalog that is available to their users.

The truth is that that of the own emojis in social networks is not something new . Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp have already done it and, now, the app that is most in trend among young people has joined the bandwagon: TikTok.

But, the case of this social network is something more particular to the rest of the social or messaging apps. While the rest (or at least most) make their own emojis available to the user in a very intuitive way, TikTok only allows their use if you know the code to “activate” each element . In the same way, the rest of the applications also allow us to place these elements if we know their code to add them quickly. But, in addition, they implement a section on the keyboard for their use.

How to use TikTok’s secret emojis

If you want to make use of these hidden emoticons in TikTok, you already know that, as we have just mentioned, you will have to do it with the use of a series of codes that appear in the following image or, of course, the dedicated section of the emojipedia website to TikTok .

So, to activate and use these emoticons, you just have to follow these steps when you are going to enter a text on TikTok:

  • Copy the code for the emoji you want to use.
  • Go back to the text where you want to add it and press and hold right at the point where you will add it.
  • In the drop-down that will appear on the screen of your phone select the option “Paste”. Automatically, when the text is pasted, it will become the emoticon you wanted to use.

It’s that simple to use the hidden emojis that this social network hides in its code. We do not know if in a future update the way of using them will change and, like other social apps, they will add a section within their settings to be able to use them easily.

So that you do not have to be entering and leaving the emojipedia website, we leave you below the complete list of these emoticons in case you simply want to copy and paste the text:

  • [smile]
  • [happy]
  • [angry]
  • [cry]
  • [embarrassed]
  • [surprised]
  • [wronged]
  • [shout]
  • [flushed]
  • [yummy]
  • [complacent]
  • [drool]
  • [scream]
  • [weep]
  • [speechless]
  • [funnyface]
  • [laughwithtears]
  • [wicked]
  • [facewithrollingeyes]
  • [sulk]
  • [thinking]
  • [lovely]
  • [greedy]
  • [wow]
  • [joyful]
  • [hehe]
  • [slap]
  • [tears]
  • [stun]
  • [cute]
  • [blink]
  • [disdain]
  • [Astonish]
  • [rage]
  • [cool]
  • [excited]
  • [proud]
  • [smileface]
  • [evil]
  • [Angel]
  • [laugh]
  • [pride]
  • [nap]
  • [loveface]
  • [awkward]

Where can I use hidden TikTok emoticons

TikTok en móvil

This may be one of the great doubts, in addition to how to use them, regarding the emojis of this social network. And, very sorry, we have to give you the “bad news” that the places where we can use TikTok emoticons are very few .

So much so that we can apply them exclusively in the comments of our own and others’ publications , that’s it. Neither paste them in our own post, nor in the descriptions of these nor in your own biography.

While other social networks choose to allow these striking elements to be applied practically anywhere on their interface, TikTok has restricted them exclusively to comments. This, in our opinion, slightly detracts from the best use that content creators can make of them: attracting attention. It is true that you will be able to stand out in part through the comments but, we believe that it is a mistake not to give the possibility of adding them anywhere.

Even so, we hope that in the near future, TikTok will launch an update that allows us to use them more easily and, in addition, anywhere we can write text within this social network.