What Domain Extension to Choose for a Website

The extension is a fundamental part of a domain. We have at our disposal a wide range of possibilities. Even those responsible for a web page can choose to have more than one and thus attract more traffic or ensure that a specific name is available. In this article we are going to explain which extension to use for a website . A review of the different characteristics to consider.

Which domain extension to choose

We have many options. There are generic extensions, such as .com, .org or .net, for example. There are also the extensions that correspond to a country, such as .es, .fr or .pt. But there are many more. There are others that are more innovative or that break with the classic. There are those that mention a sector, such as .news, .marketing or .travel. These last options may be interesting for certain companies or organizations that want to further adapt the domain they are going to create.

What Domain Extension to Choose for a Website

There are countless options that we can take into account. Logically there are differences in aspects as important as price , availability or for which sector the website is going to be. There are generic extensions that are more expensive than others like .site or .online. But there could also be important differences in terms of the image we want to give visitors.

Also, of course, there are differences in terms of availability . A generic domain, something common and that could be highly searched, is more likely to be caught in a .com or .es extension than in another that is .tech or .club. This could be a reason why we choose to choose an alternative extension, less used, and that may be available for the name that interests us.

Generic domain extensions

These are the most used and the ones we can say are the most advisable in most cases. Options like .com, .org or .net are very popular all over the world. They are meant to offer something to everyone, no matter what country the visitors come from. They are generally the first option to consider.

This is interesting, for example, for a news page, an online store where we are going to place international orders, etc. The .com option is undoubtedly the most used. At first it was oriented to commerce, but today we can find pages of all kinds that have this extension. There are less and less free.

The .net option was network oriented and has also become a really popular option when a user is going to create a page. However, it is still more oriented for those pages that are related to technology, Internet and networks. It could be interesting for example if we are going to create a page for the sale of network devices.

Regarding .org , it is more advisable for non-profit entities. It is not the best option for a private company. For example, it would be useful for an association or organization in which there are no commercial purposes. However, it is another of the most used worldwide in very diverse sectors.

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Country code extensions

They are also widely used. However, in this case we are faced with limitations . Although it depends on the country, in many cases they do not allow anyone to register a domain with that extension. There are well-known cases in which it does, like the .tv extension that belongs to Tuvalu, a small country that undoubtedly found a huge economic resource thanks to the Internet.

Here we can name the extension .es , which corresponds to Spain, as one of the most important options. It is widely used by national companies, services oriented to a local public. An example would be an online store that only sends orders within Spain. Also some news page where they only pretend to have a national audience.

Therefore, in this case we could say that it would be more suitable for pages that belong to a specific country and want to focus their audience there. However, search engines do not penalize this type of extensions compared to generic ones.

Yes, there are cases in which it would be interesting to choose one in particular. Once again we return to the example of .tv, which is a widely used extension for pages related to television. Also when we want our page to be better positioned in a certain nation or even have different extensions, beyond the only one in our country.

Activity extensions

They are not the most practical option, since they are more unknown extensions and may not even give a good image to a web page. However, we can take them into account on certain occasions for specific activities. They are an alternative to classic extensions such as generic or country extensions, which are actually the most used.

There are extensions like .travel, .club, .cloud … that could be used for pages related to travel, a sports club or the cloud, for example. There are many more and we have only shown a few examples. Although it is not the one that we should take into account the most, it is also one more alternative. They are basically used for certain activities and sectors in which it may be interesting to have a more personalized extension, which can also serve as a guide for visitors who come to our site. It would not be the best idea for a more generic website, which does not focus only on a certain sector.

In short, these are some of the options we have to create a web domain and have an extension. They are different, but each of them can be interesting at specific times. Of course, we also have the option of having several extensions and redirecting the traffic. As we can see, the domain name and extension that we choose will be very important for our website. It is essential to position the page, but also to attract visitors directly. It is something that we will have to think very well before finishing recording it and not regret it later. We can say that it is one of those vital steps in the creation of any website.