NVIDIA Recommends Clearing Windows Updates When Gaming

When it comes to keeping our Windows-based PC ready at all times, there is nothing better than installing system and program updates as soon as possible. That is the theory, although unfortunately it is not always the case, as we will see. Take as an example what is happening now with the latest Windows updates and NVIDIA recommendation.

As many of you may already know, the first mandatory cumulative updates of the month were released to fix certain issues in Windows. These had been affecting many users over the past weeks, but with everything and with it, they continue to grow as the days go by. That is why in a parallel way, a firm of the weight and importance of NVIDIA , has now begun to investigate the situation, as we have just learned.

NVIDIA Recommends Clearing Windows Updates When Gaming

Major issues when running games in Windows 10

The main reason for this is that many users have reported that after installing Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB5001330 , they experience game crashes. This in particular translates into sudden cuts, and significant drops in FPS when running your games. In fact, some of the users affected by all this have reported drops of around 30% in FPS when running some of their games. Moreover, in some cases the fall has been much greater until reaching the point of having to give up and close the software

Another cause of these problems has been seen when, when playing games in full screen, the performance of other programs is seriously affected. It has even been possible to verify serious drops in general performance in its own, together with total blockages. But with everything and with it, Microsoft has not yet recognized the reports of the errors reported by the users.

That is why after the investigation that is being carried out from the NVIDIA firm, the company now recommends uninstalling the latest Windows updates if you have problems with games. In fact, an employee of the company itself has published that if we find a drop in performance in the games, let’s remove the latest updates from the Redmond system.

NVIDIA recommends deleting the latest Windows updates

To give us an idea of what we are talking about, these bugs with the games we are talking about may be caused by the updates KB5000842 and KB5001330. Say that this second was sent to users as a mandatory update this month. Thus, after the April 2021 patches arrive on compatible computers, Windows games can be seriously affected.

This is something that we can achieve from the Windows Settings application. Specifically, by going to the Update and security / Windows Update / View update history section, where we can click on Uninstall updates.

Desinstalar actualizaciones NVIDIA

And it does not end there, as some users have also reported that they cannot access the documents , images and other folders of the operating system. Sure, the recommendation that NVIDIA now sends us to avoid problems with games is not the best, but it can be interesting, at least temporarily. All this until finally it is Microsoft itself that takes action on the matter and solves it definitively.