What Changes to Make to Improve Security and Privacy

Both security and privacy are very important factors. We must at all times avoid problems that may also affect the operation of our equipment. We are going to talk about some small changes that we must make as soon as possible to be more protected. The objective is that everything works well and that our data is also safe.

Changes to improve security and privacy

In most cases, security and privacy problems come from mistakes made by users. For example, using insecure programs, downloading from unreliable sources, not having updated equipment, not using a good security program… These are causes that we can easily avoid.

 Improve Security and Privacy

For this reason, in this article we have wanted to make a compilation of quick and simple changes that we can make in order to improve security when browsing the network and also prevent our data from being compromised.

Change passwords

It is undoubtedly one of the most important changes we can make to improve security and privacy . It is something that we must implement periodically to renew the security of our accounts and avoid possible intruders.

If we have the same password for a long time, we can be victims of leaks and problems that compromise us. We must change it from time to time and create one that is safe, contains all kinds of symbols, numbers and letters and is random. Of course, it is not recommended to use a key manager in the browser.

Configure automatic updates

Of course we must also keep the equipment correctly updated at all times. There are many vulnerabilities that can arise and that means that we must correct them. Luckily the developers themselves release frequent patches that we can apply.

Now, the important thing is to update as soon as possible. And in this sense, what better way than to configure the updates to run automatically. If we don’t have it like this, we should change it.

Create a secondary email

Another interesting change, although in this case more of habit, is to use a secondary email . It is through e-mail one of the most common ways that cybercriminals attack and compromise the privacy of users.

By using a secondary email we can protect our data. We can use it to register on sites that may be unsafe, for example. In this way we would have a lot of gains regarding privacy.

Install a VPN when using public Wi-Fi

We should also change the way we connect to public networks. We must not enter without protection, as our data could be exposed. Therefore, another change that we should make is to always surf public networks with a VPN . There are many that we have available, both free and paid, and we must install them on the computers.

Review everything we have installed

One last tip, although it is not necessarily a change (unless we uninstall programs) is to review all the applications that we have installed . This also includes browser extensions. The idea is to avoid software that could be malicious, that could be collecting personal data and compromising our privacy.

In short, these are some essential changes that we can carry out in a simple and fast way. This way we can improve both security and privacy on the Internet.