What are Pokémon Go nests

If at any time you have heard about Pokémon Go nests and you have no idea what they are, what they consist of, how to recognize them, what they are for or you want more information on this subject, we will give you more information about it so that you can get the most out of your in-game experience and complete your Pokédex.

Going to a Pokémon nest will help you get the most sought-after species and improve the Pokémon you have in your possession, among many other interesting things. You can also meet more people there, go on a raid or enjoy the game outdoors. So don’t underestimate them, they are more interesting than you can imagine.

What are Pokémon Go nests

What are the nests?

Pokémon Go nests are an area , which is usually a park or a square, in which a specific Pokémon (or more) usually appears very frequently at any time of the day. Depending on the size of the area, the frequency of these can be faster, medium or slow. They do not always stay in the same place or the same species, but they change every 2 weeks (although this frequency can vary) with new nests appearing after this time.

When they migrate, they go somewhere else to give other people a chance to access them, and new ones appear, in the same or a different location in your area. Therefore, it is interesting that you inform yourself of their appearance to be able to take advantage of those that interest you before they leave.

Keep in mind that nests can be influenced by the spawn of Pokémon in events , reducing their appearance, since other species of the specific event are prioritized. The same goes for Community Day.

Los Pokémon en nidos Pokémon GO

One of the main reasons to go to one is because you want to get a specific species that you don’t have, win candies or go for the Shiny (since the chance of getting it is increased by hunting more). If you find a nest and you are interested, take advantage of it as much as you can to get better Pokémon of this species and evolve the most suitable ones with their candies. To make the correct selection, it doesn’t hurt to check your IV.

What are they for?

  • To get more candy from a Pokémon
  • if you don’t have it
  • To get better Pokémon of that species
  • To look for the 100 or a Shiny

How to recognize Pokémon Go nests?

If it’s in a certain area and you come across the same Pokémon that appears very frequently , you’ll probably find yourself in a nest. Unless you are on the Community Day of this specific Pokémon (it is done once a month with a chosen one and it is announced beforehand). If you find it, report it so that others know and take advantage of the occasion.

Nido en Pokémon GO

To find out if there is one of a certain specific species near you without exploring it, all you can do is find out in forums, on Telegram channels or on sites where these nests are reported . There are some websites or media where you can even talk about the existing nests and the migration schedules so that you can be aware of the changes. Of course, some may take hours or days to report. In some places it is more complicated because there are not many players or they are not usually advertised.

The fact that one has not been announced anywhere does not mean that it does not exist, but rather that no one reported it because they did not find it or because they do not usually do so. Therefore, if you suddenly arrive in an area where there shouldn’t be one and you find that a specific species repeats itself a lot, you are probably in front of a nest.