Disable Android Updates: Good or Bad Idea?

The most advisable thing is to have your Android phone always updated in its operating system and also its applications, since in this way you not only access the new improvements that are available, but you can also have the latest security updates to avoid greater as your mobile is attacked.

For this reason, the best thing to do is to keep the updates to the operating system and its apps, something you are probably thinking about right now because you doubt whether to do it or not. Surely you will come across the case that your mobile already has few resources because it is already a few years old, that it is running out of storage or you simply consider that if it goes well you do not need more. If your mobile is running out, maybe it’s time for you to start considering a change if possible. Although you could also uninstall some apps and control updates manually.

Disable Android Updates: Good or Bad Idea

We always recommend that you have your mobile well updated because this will be good for you at a security level, and this is essential to avoid new attacks that arise over time as cybercriminals update themselves. But also to implement security patches and avoid failures or bugs that had not been corrected when you installed the version you have right now.

When is it good to keep updates?

Having your mobile always updated is key, so if you are a person who does not have time to dedicate to checking if these are done or not or if there is a new version of your operating system or apps, it is best to activate automatic updates if You do not have it. Also, if you are a clueless person or you remember this aspect much less often than you should, it is also good that you have them.

It is also recommended for mobile phones of older people who do not handle much with technology or any person in general who does not have much knowledge of mobile phones, to prevent them from having problems in the future due to having their mobile phone very out of date.

actualizaciones Android

The only reason to avoid updates

Avoiding automatic updates can be a good idea if you want to save space and prevent your phone from using resources in the background , as well as to prevent an update from being made without warning when you have low data or batteries with the consequences that this has. It is provided that as soon as possible you update your phone to receive these updates manually. It is also true that you can select that they only be done with WiFi and at a specific time when you are sleeping, it being advisable that you have a well-charged phone in this case.

It can also be a good idea if you have noticed that the next update is very buggy on your phone, or in general, and you don’t want to have it because you know it will give you a lot of problems. In this case, you can have it without automatic updates and move to the latest version when these problems have been fixed or there is a new version that does not have them. In any case, with the stable versions you should not have a problem.

The same as with the operating system, you may want to not have the updates of the apps that you have installed automatically in order to have full management of these and check that they do not have any problems before moving to the latest version. As long as you take the step of updating them as soon as possible to perceive their improvements and solve possible problems that may occur due to lack of updating.

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What should I do? updates, always

Regardless of whether you are one of the people who prefers to update the operating system and apps manually or prefers to leave it automatically to not worry, it is important that you always keep your mobile updated to keep it safe, which will help cybercriminals not to get hold of data relevant information about you such as bank details or steal your money. Therefore, depending on how you handle your mobile, you can choose one option or another, always keeping in mind what is truly important, and that is the security of your mobile.

Keep automatic updates:

  • Because it is more comfortable
  • On mobiles of the elderly, children and people who do not handle much with technology
  • You often forget to update
  • You have a mobile that you have not updated in a long time

Get rid of automatic updates if:

  • You are good with technology
  • You usually check if there are new versions of the apps and operating system of your mobile
  • You usually check if the new versions have problems or not
  • Do you want your mobile battery to last longer?
  • You prefer to manage your phone storage before
  • Your mobile has few resources and you want to manage them more efficiently
  • If you have seen that the later version is worse or has problems or bugs

How to disable Android updates

This way you can activate or deactivate the updates of the applications of your mobile or the operating system that you have installed, to leave it in automatic mode or have total control of when they are done.

of your operating system

If you have decided that you want to do it, it is much simpler than you imagine. This path may vary depending on your phone, although it is usually in its settings and usually in About phone or a similar one, where you should look for update settings. Also, to update them if you don’t have it or you regret it, you can go the same route and activate them.

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Go to About phone or System
  • In the version of the operating system press
  • Hit the 3 dots on the top right
  • Give update settings
  • Turn off download automatically (or download using mobile data if you just want to save mobile data) and turn off install automatically
  • You can also set a schedule so that you are not interrupted from here

desactivar actualizacion-android

of installed apps

  • Go to Play Store
  • Go to your profile Select the Settings section
  • Select Network Preferences
  • Give to Automatic update of applications
  • Click Don’t update apps automatically.
  • The most advisable thing is to select Only by WiFi, so it does not consume mobile data and you have your apps always updated

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If you want to do it in a single app , you just have to search for it in the app store and click on the 3 points in the upper right part of the screen so that the Automatic Updates option appears, which you must uncheck.