How to watch Instagram or TikTok videos on my Smart TV?

Both seen as two of the most popular platforms to consume content quickly and easily, there are many who have seen their favorite or funniest videos on TikTok or Instagram. But, how can we do to have them on the big screen? Is it possible to view them through our Smart TV? The answer is yes; we show you how.

It is possible in simple steps

watch Instagram or TikTok videos on my Smart TV

TikTok, the most fashionable app, has become one of the most popular for sharing videos. In principle it is designed for mobile phones, but it is possible that you have ever thought about how to watch TikTok videos on your Smart TV. This would allow you to enjoy the funniest videos on the big screen. And fortunately it is already possible to do it officially.

In the case of Instagram , the same does not happen since, although it has an Android application, the photography app cannot be installed in the normal way through the Play Store and we have to follow other steps. Anyway, for both platforms, the solution is very simple.

This is more than normal if we consider that TikTok users already exceed one billion and it is mainly young people between 13 and 18 years old who are the most active on the platform. In Spain, TikTok has 8.8 million active users who spend an average of 43 minutes in the app and connect about 7 times a day to create or watch short videos.

What tricks should you follow?

It is through these platforms that you can make not only live broadcasts, but also show them to the whole world in a long video without any cuts and, best of all, completely free.

So, do you know how to watch Instagram and TikTok videos on your TV? To do this, you must try these simple tricks that we will reveal to you below so that you can view said content on the big screen whenever you want.

Cómo ver vídeos instagram Smart TV


Right now, the TikTok app for Smart TV is available on the app store as well as the Play Store for the latest Chromecast model, which has the ability to install apps without having to use your smartphone.

If you have this device, all you have to do is go to the Google Play Store on the TV and search for the TikTok app. Once you have installed it, you will only have to log in with your account. From that moment you can enjoy your favorite videos on your TV. The operation is quite similar to watching the videos from the mobile as usual.

To log in, the TV app has the option to do so by scanning a QR code . This is especially convenient if you don’t remember your password, or even just find it inconvenient to enter it with your remote.


Here we have two options; One is that, if we want to see Instagram or any other application of our mobile on television, we will need, in addition to our Chromecast, the Google Home app installed on our phone.

From this app we have an option called Share screen. If we use it and choose our Chromecast, we will see everything we have on the screen of our mobile on the television screen, so that if we open the Instagram application we can see, yes, in vertical mode. In order for the connection to be effective, it is important that we have both our mobile and the Chromecast connected to the same WiFi network.

Smart TV ver instagram TikTok

On the other hand, we can do it from an application called Send to Files , which allows us to view our Instagram content on the Smart TV in a simple and complete way. Here what we do is opening this app on the mobile and on the device marking one as the transmitter (the mobile) and the television as the receiver. In the search engine we go to the folder in which we have downloaded the APK of Set Orientation and Instagram and we hit send to TV.

Now on the television we open the explorer that we have installed, looking for the downloads folder we look for the two APK files. Now we open Instagram and we will see how after the initial screen it asks us to associate our Instagram account and in the same way have access to the device’s multimedia content. In this way, we can see videos, photos and stories uploaded by our contacts, access our profile and those of other users to see all the content.