Keep your email up to date with these 5 mobile apps

Many times we do not stop to see the number of emails that can reach us throughout the day. And it is that, there are not a few users who, until they are in front of the computer, do not stop to see them in depth. However, there are a wide variety of mobile apps so that we can quickly see the email without having to waste time with spam or unwanted emails.

That is why we bring you up to 5 applications for Android and iOS with which you can manage in the best possible way and, above all, simply, each of the emails that you have. Because there is nothing better than having a good email manager, since it is not only important that they help us to read and write emails, but also that there are extra functions that are very interesting.

Keep your email up to date with these 5 mobile apps


One of the first alternatives that we will have available to manage email from the mobile, be it Android or iPhone , will be the BlueMail app . From this software tool, we can not only enjoy different features, but it also works perfectly with different email platforms: Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, Outlook, iCloud…

This software for smartphones allows us to synchronize different trays from each of our providers in an interface that will appear unified. And not only this, but it also gives us the possibility of having a great user interface that comes loaded with different visual customizations. In addition to this, it has some useful things, such as a configurable menu.

Blue Mail


As a second option we present Spark, available on Android and iOS. This mobile app is another of the most popular to be able to manage email without any problem. It does not offer different functionalities, such as the fact of being able to have an intelligent inbox that learns according to our daily habits. So it will be easier than ever to avoid spam. It even gives us the possibility of having a schedule, plus it works with the best email providers like Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo, iCloud and Outlook.



The Microsoft Outlook option is one of the most recurrent among those who wanted to manage their email. Basically, because it allows you to quickly manage email accounts . In addition, this app, which is available for iOS and Android, is completely free.

In any case, this is an app for smartphones that comes with a clean and simple interface, with which we can synchronize multiple email accounts and keep them active at the same time. And not only this, but it is capable of supporting primary mail services such as Outlook, Gmail, iCloud or Yahoo Mail.

Microsoft Outlook

aqua mail

This application, which is only available for Android, has a fairly simple configuration. In addition, it offers us support for multiple email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Apple, AOL, among others. It even supports various services through standard Internet email protocols such as IMAP, POP3, SMTP.

Aqua Mail

Canary Mail

Finally, we find the email manager known under the name of Canary Mail. This alternative, available for iOS and Android, can unify all our email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, AOL, Hotmail, MSN, Exchange, Microsoft, Protonmail, Thunderbird, and IMAP in one place . In addition, it has end-to-end encryption, read confirmation, dark mode, among many other features.

Canary Mail