Good news: you can now watch 150 channels with DTT for free and without registering

You will no longer be able to make any excuses to start enjoying neither more nor less than the 150 channels with DTT that the Tivify platform makes available to us. More than anything, because if until now we had to register to access its entire catalog, now things have changed with the new strategy that the company has taken.

With the aim of making it easier for users at all times, Tivify wanted to make it even simpler, so starting today you won’t need to be registered and have an account to access its channel catalog. In other words, anyone can enjoy the different free options offered on its platform.

you can now watch 150 channels with DTT for free and without registering

150 free DTT channels

Keep in mind that we are dealing with the free plan offered by Tivify . What does it consist of? Basically it is an option with which we can see 150 open channels, but with advertising sponsorships. And, of course, without any kind of premium channel. In addition to the fact that we will not find the Mediaset channels either, since they are only in the payment plans.

Even so, there are many advantages that we find in its free plan. And more so now that we won’t even have to create an account on the platform. Among its most outstanding features, leaving aside access to free online DTT , we find the following: Program control, access to the last 7 days (only RTVE and regional), limited recordings up to 60 hours and will be available during 30 days, 3 linked devices and 1 simultaneous viewing.

Tivify elimina canal

However, for you to have access to regional and local channels, as well as the option to schedule recordings, on the other hand, it will be necessary to log in with an account. Basically, because the variety of channels is displayed depending on the zip code of each user. In any case, keep in mind that it is still free, since it is included in the Tivify Free plan .

Tivify payment plans

Although we have this series of totally free features for the zero euro plan, the truth is that, if we prefer a payment plan, we will have two alternatives that will add a series of features. For example, the Tivify Plus plan of 1.99 euros per month offers us more than 150 open channels, including Mediaset, restart and program control, as well as 150-hour recordings available for 60 days. We will also have the option to have access to the last 7 days, playback on Chromecast, 5 linked devices and 1 simultaneous viewing.


However, if we opt for the Tivify Premium plan , we will have the same advantages, but adding the following options: premium channels, recordings on more channels for 350 hours, available for 90 days, and 2 simultaneous views. All for a price of 5.99 euros per month.

In any case, the fact that they have opted to open access to their channels to all users and that it is not necessary to be registered, will get people to bet on their platform when watching TV at home through the Internet. .