The maximum cold you can take before you freeze to death

The human body can surprise us on more than one occasion with everything it can endure, even when adversity makes us believe otherwise. Although, as a general rule, there is always a limit. And that is more than anything of nature. On this occasion, we will see what is the maximum cold that we can endure before we completely freeze to death.

A good theme, and more now that the heat has gone and it seems that it will not return until next year. Although there are still months of autumn, with the upcoming arrival of winter, the cold will be in all its splendor. So it is quite interesting to know what temperature we can withstand before freezing to death. And it is that, as much as we want to be like the Nordic gods, our bodies have a limit.

The maximum cold you can take before you freeze to death

How cold can we stand

In various parts of the world, humans have adapted to climates that turn towns and cities into places that live in negative temperatures for part of the year. One of the most extreme cases is in eastern Siberia, specifically in Oymyakon , which easily reaches -50 degrees in winter .

For this reason, it is interesting to know how far the human body can withstand. In this case, if we are around 0 degrees , the truth is that we can lead a normal life to a certain extent. With coats and heating or fire, we will be able to carry on, in addition to going outside. Although, we should not be exposed for a long time.

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In the case of being already below ten degrees below zero , we will have to take more measures, but we will still have the possibility of leading a normal life. When we reach -20 degrees we run some risk, but if we protect each of our body parts well, we can go outside.

However, from thirty degrees below zero , things change. At these temperatures, experts recommend not spending more than 30 minutes outside . And if we are, we will have to protect ourselves very well to be able to endure all that time. Therefore, that is the most that can be endured. Also, if we are not sufficiently protected, we can experience hypothermia in just 10 minutes. But, it is clear that if the temperature is lower, the resistance time will also decrease.

And the maximum temperature?

As for the heat, things change. Everything will depend on the environmental humidity of where we live. More than anything, because they can withstand high temperatures from 40 to 45 degrees to 60 degrees . Although, in the latter case, there is already a lot of risk to life. Therefore, they can withstand a few hours at these temperatures (40 to 45 degrees).

But, there are also clear examples in which the body can withstand up to 60 degrees, such as when we enter a sauna . In any case, the key in these cases is humidity. And all because we are euthermic organisms that need to maintain a suitable range, since we cannot change our temperature outside of those levels.

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