What can you do with the new Alexa Pro remote?

What can you do with the new Alexa Pro remote

Amazon knows that there are many users who spend hours and hours in front of the television watching all kinds of streaming series and movies. If you are one of those who has a device with Fire TV and who does not miss a single episode of the trending series, pay attention, because this new product may be made for you. This is the new Alexa Pro remote, a premium device that further improves the experience of using Fire TV equipment.

What’s new from Amazon is an improved controller

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Amazon has taken advantage of this end of September to completely renew a good number of its home automation devices. On the entertainment side, the Fire TV Cube has been updated, and alongside it has been introduced a really interesting new remote: the Alexa Pro .

Alexa Pro is a premium remote that goes a step beyond the default remote on Fire TV Stick devices. Its main novelties are the following:

No more losing control

No matter how hard you look between the sofa cushions, the remote you’re looking for will appear the third or fourth time you rummage through them. With Alexa Pro, you will do it the first time.

You simply have to say ” Alexa, find the remote ” and the device will start making sounds so you can locate it in a matter of seconds. If you are very fond of losing the remote control and you get desperate while looking for it, this feature is already more than enough to get hold of it.

Customizable buttons

In this new peripheral you have complete freedom to customize what the buttons do . From assigning shortcuts to setting Alexa commands . And it’s not limited to the TV. You can use the remote to launch a routine, such as turning all the lights on or dimming them for a better atmosphere before you start watching a movie.


When you use Alexa Pro in a dimly lit environment, its buttons will light up so you can always see which buttons you’re pressing.

Price, availability and compatibility

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The Alexa Pro is already sold on Amazon. It has a launch price of 39.99 euros .

If you are interested, you must first check that it is compatible with the Fire TV device that you already have at home, as we explain below.

Beware, it is not compatible with all Fire TV

Unfortunately, this new remote is not compatible with all Amazon Fire TVs that have been sold so far.

The Alexa Remote Pro is compatible with virtually all Fire TVs and smart TVs running FireOS. However, the first and second generation Fire TV is not compatible with this device. The first generation Fire TV Stick is also out of compatibility.