Warzone Season 6: the Subway, Halloween and All the News

The new season 6 of Warzone is going to get very interesting, since the plot, in addition to premiering the arrival of Farah and Nikolai as new operators, has unearthed an underground subway network that runs through the depths of Verdanks.

Warzone metro

Warzone Season 6

The main novelty of this season will directly affect the way in which we move around the map, since an underground subway network will allow us to move through different points of the map thanks to a new fast travel system implemented in the game.

This will allow us to move from the stadium to the airport in a matter of seconds, so it will mean a new point of strategy that we will have to add when attacking certain points on the map or achieving certain challenges that are proposed to us.

New, more complete battle pass

Call of Duty Warzone Temporada 6

The campaign will also release a new battle pass that will include two free weapons and two main operators, and can also unlock up to 20 ranks for free, in order to get new War Tracks music tracks that can be put at full speed when using a vehicle.

Preparing Halloween

Call of Duty Warzone Temporada 6

In the image of the summary of the novelties of the season, we can also see the reference to the so-called Haunting of Verdansk, an event that seems to take place in the darkest night and that leaves a halo of mystery about which nothing is known yet. Is this the expected arrival of the zombies to Warzone? This event will be limited, and will be held from October 30 to November 3, so it is sure to be something special.

Call of Duty Warzone Temporada 6

In addition, to complete the Halloween theme, a new finishing move has been included in which players will use a bat to take down the enemy in style.

More multiplayer

Call of Duty Warzone Temporada 6

How could it be otherwise, Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode will also receive many new features, and that is, new multiplayer maps such as the Mialstor tank factory, the “Broadcast” television studio or new maps for Gunfight modes will be included and Ground War.

All this translates into a download package that again has a significant size, and that is that PS4 players will have to download 19.3 GB of data, Xbox One 22.66 GB and PC 57 GB (Modern Warfare) or 25.5 GB if they only have Warzone.

Call of Duty Warzone Temporada 6

If you need free space on your disk, remember that you can save space by deleting Call of Duty packages that you don’t need.