VSCO buys Rylo to improve one of the most interesting photo editors

VSCO acquires Rylo, a startup focused on 360 video that, together with its tools for editing tasks, could contribute a lot to the company. So, whether you are VSCO users or if you should not be aware of what might come from this acquisition.

VSCO buys Rylo

VSCO has bought Rylo, the exact details of the acquisition are not known but it can be very interesting for both parties. Especially for VSCO and its current and future users. But who or what is Rylo exactly?

Rylo is a startup found some years ago and that launched a video camera capable of recording 360º video. Even so, your device did not have all the desired impact despite being a good product and having some interesting details.

Possibly everything is because the 360 video did not take off. But it has already been seen through other similar cameras that without the need to create 360 content, these cameras can be taken advantage of in traditional productions by being able to frame any angle, as if we had several cameras recording.

However, let’s return to what interests us. Why acquire VSCO from Rylo. Well, recently its co-founder and CEO Joel Flory commented that they intended to expand their video tools. If VSCO is a very popular image editor that offers high quality filters and its DSCO application for creating GIFs is also the most used, why not offer video-focused utilities.

Well said and done, Rylo’s 360 camera is what VSCO is least interested in. Its focus is on the video editors that Rylo has, for both iOS and Android and desktop. Having them and being able to bring solutions to work with video to VSCO would be a plus that would allow the company to increase those revenues through a more complete service to its users

VSCO currently offers access to all its tools for an annual fee of $ 19.99. These range from more than 200 VSCO presets for photos to emulation of classic films such as Kodak, AGFA or Ilford, tools for advanced image editing, color correction in video and more extra content such as courses and tricks.

If you like photo editing and want to do it in a simpler and more advanced way, having quality tools and continuous improvements is true that the subscription payment is worth it. Sometimes even more than paying for what Adobe Lightroom Mobile costs.

Now it’s time to wait to see what and how everything integrates with Rylo, VSCO’s plans and how we will benefit the users that ultimately is what really interests us. Meanwhile, if for any casual you come from another planet and do not know what VSCO offers, check out this video.