GOG Galaxy 2.0: all your games and friends in one place

GOG Galaxy 2.0 launches its beta version for everyone . After a first phase of testing for a limited number of users you can already try everything it has to offer the new application that aims to improve the management and organization of all your games, regardless of the store and platform where you bought them. And by the way, make it easy for you to connect with friends or see your progress.

All your games and friends in one place

With so many video game stores and platforms available sometimes knowing what games you have and what your friends are playing may not be easy. And that’s where you want to add value GOG Galaxy 2.0, an application that so far was nothing more than a store with its own launcher but now gives an interesting twist with which to provide more value.

If you are a user of Steam, Epic Games Store or any other platform of both PCs and consoles it is very likely that you already know what we mean. And if you have a significant amount of acquired games, both physical and in digital format even more.

GOG Galaxy

Having control of your games and even more of what your friends are playing is not easy if you have to go by logging into Steam, Epic Games Store, Origin, UPlay, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, etc. Therefore, GOG Galaxy 2.0 wants or intends to be the solution to all this problem.

In addition to continuing to offer access to your own store and launcher, the new GOG application – available for both Windows and Mac – allows you to connect different platforms and game stores in one place. When you log in with your GOG.com account you will see a screen that gives you the option to integrate other accounts. You officially have access to:

  • GOG.com
  • Xbox Live
  • Epic Game Store
  • Origin
  • Playstation network
  • Steam
  • Uplay

In addition to these, the application offers a total of up to 20 integrations . To access any of them you have to add them using GitHub. If you have knowledge about Python, here is information on how to use its API to support other services.

When you connect one of these services the games that you have acquired in it are automatically added to the games library. If on the contrary they are physical games that you have bought or installed by other means you can add it manually.

To do this you simply have to use its search engine and then tell it which is the executable to launch it from the application itself. If you do not have it installed you can add it only and exclusively to have control of your collection.

Añadir amigos GOG

Then there is the option to add your friends. If they are users of GOG.com it will be faster, but if they are from another store or platform then you will have to integrate the service so that it appears as we said before. But in the same way as with games, it is quick and easy to do. After doing so you will have the advantage of seeing in a single application what they are playing, and thus be able to better decide what you want to play today. In case you fancy a game together.

All this plus game statistics and some future developments that will come such as the ability to chat between platforms make the GOG Galaxy 2.0 proposal very attractive and interesting. Logically everyone should value, but if you are one of those who use different platforms and stores it could be a convenient way to improve management.