View Instagram Stories from Facebook: New Integration Test

Some users can already view Instagram stories within the Facebook application . A new way of consuming this fleeting content that could be interesting and would be a new integration by both platforms.

View Instagram stories from Facebook

View Instagram Stories from Facebook

Relatively recently, we learned that Facebook was beginning to integrate the Facebook Messenger and Instagram chat systems . Thanks to this, users of the Facebook messaging application could talk with their contacts on Instagram without having to leave the application.

That same integration would not stop there, the plans are that little by little it will be extended to the rest of the chat application that Marck Zuckerberg has. In this way, they would all share the same system and make it easier for WhatsApp users to talk to Instagram users, Instagram users to Facebook users, etc.

Well, knowing that to achieve this total integration it will still take time as it is a complex issue, now the company has begun to try another type of integration. On this occasion, a small group of users have begun to see the stories of their Instagram contacts from the Facebook application itself.

These stories are displayed exactly the same as the stories themselves that were already available on Facebook for a long time. What has been done is to add a different colored circle on the user’s icon so that it can be clearly differentiated to which platform it belongs. Although the most striking and interesting at the same time is that the privacy options do not change.

What does that mean, because if on Instagram one user does not follow another, their stories will not appear in the Facebook application. So in the future you don’t have to fear for that. Also, do not forget that to be able to enjoy these integrations it is necessary to link the Facebook and Instagram accounts.

In the images shared by @ec_wife on Twitter you can see the screens that explain this new integration.

As you can see, there is the theme of the stories and their differentiation by the color circle. Also who can see you: characters who have their profiles from both networks linked and activate the new view. And of course, people who follow you on Instagram.

In the second screenshot, information about what you can continue to share with the same person, how you will appear in them and that you will also see all the stories and comments on Instagram.

Integrations to strengthen Facebook

With this type of integration it is clear that the objective is to strengthen Facebook. All the controversial events in recent years have led many users to abandon the platform that is ultimately Mark Zuckerberg’s big business.

However, platforms such as Instagram or WhatsApp have continued to grow. With these integrations Facebook would become a hub from which you could see all the content, interact with other users, etc. It has its interesting point, although for many it is too late. What do you think?