Razer Naga Pro: Mouse with Modules for All Types of Games

Today’s gamer is multi-faceted. Whether with battle royale games, shooters, MOBAs or MMOs, players are always looking for the best peripheral to be able to play to the fullest, so with the idea of being able to offer the best profile no matter what game you are going to play, Razer has created the new Naga Pro.

Razer Naga Pro

Razer Naga Pro

Gamer peripheral manufacturer Razer has just unveiled a new model for its favorite product range, mice. The new Razer Naga Pro is a wireless model that is characterized by changing its external appearance thanks to three interchangeable modules that allow the player to have different button layouts depending on the game they are going to play.

Thus, if the player is about to play a battle royale or a MOBA, he will use the 6 programmable button module, while, if he plans to play an MMO, he will select the 12 button module. If instead you decide to play shooters, the classic 2-button module will be the best option for maximum speed.

Outstanding features

Razer Naga Pro

This mouse has a long list of features enshrined in other models of the manufacturer, since it has Razer HyperSpeed technology, which promises less response times than some wired models, or the Speedflex cable , which with a special fabric offers less weight resistance in friction with the mat.

It also includes the renowned Razer Focus 20K DPI optical sensor, which with technologies such as Motion Sync or Smart Tracking and Asymemtric Cut-off is capable of guaranteeing traces on difficult surfaces and allows sensitivity to be calibrated according to the player’s needs.

The most outstanding technical characteristics of the Naga Pro are the following:

  • 3 interchangeable side modules for custom gaming setups.
  • Razer HyperSpeed Wireless technology for an even faster and more reliable connection than a wired mouse.
  • 19 + 1 programmable buttons for greater control.
  • Razer Focus + 20K DPI optical sensor for maximum precision.
  • Razer Optical Mouse Switches for lightning-fast activation.
  • 3 connection modes: HyperSpeed Wireless / Bluetooth / and via Speedflex cable.

A missed opportunity

Razer Naga Pro

This chameleonic aspect has made us think about the following: what if the mouse could also change the right part of its body? If so, this Razer Naga Pro could offer a perfectly compatible ambidextrous design for left-handed gamers looking for a gaming mouse with advanced features.

If the rest area offered by this Naga Pro could be removed, there could be another module similar to the current ones, being able to turn the mouse into a left-handed model. We do not know if Razer has thought or has thought something in this regard, but considering the little market for left-handed hands that exists and the little coverage that brands usually do in this regard, we are very afraid that this will not happen.

When can it be purchased?

Razer Naga Pro

This new Razer Naga Pro is available from now on through the official Razer website and authorized distributors with a price of 169.99 euros .