DOOM and DOOM 2 Now Have Panoramic Resolution

27 years are nothing to one of the causes that shooters have become what they are today. DOOM and DOOM 2 remain unmissable gems, and there are no platforms where these games have not been played. But what happens now that the screens are by default panoramic? Well, calm down, because there is already a solution.

DOOM in panoramic

DOOM and DOOM 2 Now Have Panoramic Resolution

After working on DOOM Eternal’s next update, The Ancient Gods , the folks at Bethesda still seem to have enough free time to make an adjustment demanded endlessly by many users: native panoramic resolution in the original DOOM.

Well said and done, the company has announced an update available for all platforms on which the game is available, from consoles, PC to mobile devices with Android and iOS (where speeds of 90 and 120 Hz have also been included), allowing so you can finally enjoy the full screen without deformation, making the most of every pixel on the screen.

Both the title screen, the moon map between mission and mission and the end-of-level screens have also been redesigned to fit the new format, so you can definitely say goodbye to all those frames that shortened the image.

To achieve this, the viewing angle has been increased, instead of cropping the image from above and below, something that would have limited the field of vision and seriously affect the gaming experience.

Many more additions

Doom II

But in addition to the arrival of 16: 9 resolution , the game has received numerous new features, most of them related to extra patches. And it is that the possibility of loading DeHacked patches has been included , a tool widely used by the community to create mods without limits, where, for example, change the way in which DOOM weapons work.

The list of new features is quite extensive, so the update goes beyond a simple adjustment of the camera and the menus. For example, the possibility of controlling the aiming through the gyroscope has been included in PS4, Switch and PC (option that will arrive activated by default), as well as the arrival of the crosshairs, an element that was not present in the original game and that it will serve to aim better and to reduce the visual fatigue of some players.

If you want to take a look at the long list of changes introduced, you can check the official website where the news, the fixes and all the changes introduced in this new version are detailed.