How to View Heart Rate History on Apple Watch

From the first generation the Apple Watch is able to measure our heart rate, that is, the pulsations our heart has per minute. This is done thanks to sensors installed in the rear. Normally we usually consult or receive alerts about our pulsations at a specific time, but perhaps you did not know that it is also possible to access a history of heart rate in which to compare data.

Apple Watch heart rate history

As you know and we have highlighted above, the Apple Watch can tell us what our current heart rate is from the app with the same name. By default this function is activated, although it is possible that sometimes we have to have entered the app at least once to be activated. Another thing is that we have disabled this function from the iPhone, for which we would have to go to the Watch app, go to the “My clock” tab and then enter Privacy to activate the heart rate option.

historial frecuencia cardiaca apple watch

Once this functionality is activated, measurements will be made constantly. If you want to check the history with your past data you should go to the iPhone Health app and then to the Explore tab and then follow the route Heart> Heart Rate. In this section you will find daily, monthly and annual graphs of your pulsations and also, by clicking on “Show all filters”, you will find other interesting data such as your resting heart rate, the average walking, training or sleeping. Undoubtedly some very interesting data to know what state your heart is in, although obviously this cannot be considered as a medical document.

Interesting adjustments related to heart rate

In this post we want to highlight other adjustments related to this aspect beyond the history of heart rate. One of them is the always useful function of receiving irregular heartbeat notifications , which can mean a serious condition in some cases. It is not available in all countries at the moment, but in which it is possible to configure it from the iPhone Watch app, in which you will have to go to My Clock> Heart and activate the option of “Irregular rhythm”.

notificaciones frecuencia cardiaca apple watch

Other outstanding notifications are those related to high and low heart rates , which can be configured from the Watch app, going to My Clock> Heart . Once here you will find the possibility to choose from how many presses the Watch should consider that you have a high frequency, just as you will be able to configure what is the number of pulsations by which you will be notified if it is below it. It should be noted that this function is not available in the original Apple Watch.

We also invite you to take a look at the post in which we explain how to perform ECG with the Apple Watch , since from Series 4 onwards it is also possible to perform this type of measurements with our watch. In short, all these notifications, like the history of heart rate, are interesting things that we can have and that make the Apple Watch more than just a clock to see the time and receive notifications of emails or messages.