Using Dual Boot in Windows 10: Benefits and Problems

The most common thing when we buy a new PC is that it arrives with an installed operating system, generally Windows. It can also be the case that it arrives empty and we are the ones who install it. But we can also choose to use a Dual Boot on that computer, with the advantages that this cannot provide.

And there is something that we must bear in mind in most cases. In particular, we mean that thanks to the aforementioned Dual Boot, we do not have to limit ourselves to a single operating system. Thus, for a long time we have the possibility of having two or more operating systems installed and running on the same PC. As you may have already got an idea through the name of Dual Boot or Dual Boot, this allows us to add the option of having several operating systems installed on the same computer.

Using Dual Boot in Windows 10

This is something that we can carry out on another internal disk drive, or on another partition, all to achieve what we are interested in in each case. With all this, what we really achieve is that when we start the computer, the BIOS is in charge of loading the boot manager and if it detects more than one operating system, it asks us with which one we want to start the equipment. Once we know all this, let’s see some of the advantages that this brings.

All available hardware resources

The first of the advantages or reasons why to carry this out, with obvious ones, is that, for whatever reason, we can see the need to have more than one system simultaneously in addition to Windows . It is true that we always have the possibility of using a virtual machine, but everything will depend on the needs of each one. In fact, with a Dual Boot we have physical and real access to all the components of the PC , without virtualizations involved.

If one operating system does not boot, there is another

It may be the case, more common than we would like, that one of the operating systems fails seriously, as can happen with Windows. With this we mean that, for whatever reason, it does not start and therefore we cannot access it. At that point, more in the professional sector, we are sure that we greatly appreciate being able to have another one that works perfectly, for example a Linux distribution ready to work.

Here we will only have to restart the PC from scratch, and opt for the other alternative in the Dual Boot.

Disk space occupied by Dual Boot

It is not difficult to imagine that having two or more operating systems installed on the PC implies a considerable consumption of space on the disk drives . Whether we use different units or partitions in a single one, that space is inevitably occupied, which does not allow us to use it in other tasks. Therefore, if we normally only use Windows, create a Dual Boot with another operating system , it can result in a serious waste of hard disk.

Administrar discos Dual Boot

Dual Boot security issues

To this we can add that in the unfortunate case that we find a problem related to security, it affects the global. With this, what we want to tell you is that if a malware reaches Windows and we use Dual Boot, it could affect the rest of the operating systems installed on the PC. This is because there are malicious codes that are directly loaded and affect the computer’s own startup.