Flash in Windows 10: Microsoft will Permanently Remove it in July

Flash is a clear example of a program that has gone from being essential to hated. Thanks to him, websites could have animations and elements that, years ago, were unthinkable. And thanks to him, the new web standards and pages are as we know them now. However, it did not know how to evolve as it should, and in the end it ended up not only an unnecessary complement, but also a dangerous one. Therefore, since January 1, 2021 , Flash has no support, it was completely abandoned by Adobe itself. But for it to disappear, companies and developers have yet to make a move.

Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and other web browsers no longer include the Flash plug-in , for security and performance for users. In addition, Adobe also does not allow this plug-in to be downloaded from its website, and not only that, but the most recent versions were programs so that, from January 12 of this year, it could not be executed. Microsoft, with the optional patch KB4577586 , also moved the tab in Windows by removing the 32-bit version of the plug-in and preventing it from being reinstalled.

Flash in Windows 10

However, it has been 5 months since support for this plugin ended, and there are still a large number of users who have it installed. Luckily, Microsoft has finally made clear its plans for removing the plug-in for 100% of users . And finally, Flash’s days are numbered.

KB4577586 will be included in the July security patches

Some hours ago, Microsoft updated the support page on the end of Flash to finish clarifying how the final elimination of the plug-in will be. In this way, Microsoft will bring the update KB4577586 to all users included within the optional patches (quality updates) of July 2021 .

Once the patch is part of this optional update, it will be included in the cumulative (security) patches for July 2021 . As these updates are mandatory and automatic for everyone, Flash will eventually disappear from all systems. This patch will reach all versions of Windows 10, from 1607 to the latest, 21H1. The same will also be done with Windows 8.1 and with the Server editions of the system.

After installing these updates, the add-on will definitely disappear from the systems, making it impossible to reinstall it and going to its final end.

Windows 10 21H1 will be the first to come without Flash

Windows 10 21H1 will arrive in a few days. This will be the first “big” Windows update of 2021, although it will focus on bug fixes rather than bringing big news. However, as confirmed by Microsoft, this update will already have the KB4577586 patch installed as standard. This means that, if we are one of those who still have Flash installed and install this new version of Windows, the Adobe plug-in will disappear from our system automatically.

Of course, if we install Windows 10 21H1 from scratch , from its ISO, the Adobe plugin will not be present on our system either.

Finally comes its well-deserved end. Long death to Adobe Flash Player .