How to Use the Xiaomi Mobile as a Remote Control for the TV

Numerous layers of customization based on Android have system apps that, as we have just seen with Huawei and its creation of personalized tones, offer different surprises to the user. One of the least known by the general public we have it in the possibility of being able to use the Xiaomi mobile as a remote control for the TV .

Use the Xiaomi Mobile as a Remote Control

In this sense, the app that allows us to control the TV, change the channel, increase the volume, change the inputs and even adjust the image settings is the MIUI Mi remote app, translated -vulgarly- in our operating systems such as Mi Remote Thanks to it, it does not matter if you lose control of the television, because you can control it from your smartphone.

First of all, does your mobile have an infrared port?

The only requirement that, unfortunately, all mobiles do not meet, is that your Xiaomi has an infrared port on the top. Luckily, the Chinese brand is one of those that continues to bet the most to include this type of sensors, even at its top of the range.

Knowing if your smartphone has this sensor is very simple. As you can see in the image, you simply have to look at the upper profile of the phone to locate a small dark red dot, similar in appearance to the one on the TV remote.

If for whatever reason you do not know if that black point of your smartphone is the infrared sensor or something else, it can be the AnyMote Universal Remote app that will clarify you accounts with the essential hardware to be able to use your Xiaomi smartphone as a control TV remote.

Configure your Xiaomi with MI Remote

Once we know that our smartphone meets this requirement, we have to open the app that we have told you about before, My Remote and, at the bottom of the screen, press the big blue button to Add a remote control .

mando Xiaomi

As you will see, with your mobile you can control various devices by infrared. As what we want is to replace the remote control of the TV ; on this screen we select TV. Then select the brand of your Smart TV and you simply have to follow the instructions on the screen and give a name to the device that we are going to control and even choose to add a direct access to the mobile desktop.

mando Xiaomi

Point your smartphone at the TV and press the buttons that appear on the screen to verify that, indeed, what you do is replicated on the screen of your living room, bedroom or kitchen.

After confirming that everything is correct, you will see a remote control on your Xiaomi mobile that will allow you to change the volume and channels, turn off the TV, and navigate through the different manufacturer menus.