How to Use the GTA Filter on TikTok: Groove Street on Snapchat

If you are a regular user of TikTok and you like video games, surely you have noticed that the well-known Grove Street Families gang from GTA San Andres makes its appearance in more than one video published on the social network. This is thanks to a filter, but if you can’t find how to make your own videos, no matter how hard you are looking, don’t worry because we will explain how to create your own GTA scene on TikTok.

Use the GTA Filter on TikTok

The GTA San Andreas filter that causes a sensation on TikTok

In TikTok not only are the videos with dances triumphing and whatever is the viral song of the moment, there are also many other contents that are gradually gaining more weight within the network. However, we are not going to deny that most of the ones that get the most visits are related to leisure, entertainment and humor.

One of the latest types of videos that is causing a sensation is the one that has co-stars the Grove Street Families gang from GTA San Andreas . How? Still don’t know what we’re talking about? Well, calm because that has an easy solution. We show you one of the many videos that already exist and surely you will quickly identify what we are referring to when we say TikTok, GTA filter and viral.

@vicyoungan#IFeelWeightless #fy #ChipsGotTalent #foryou #ShadowAndBone

♬ San Andreas Theme Song – Young Maylay

Now yes, right? In the video above you can see an example of a video posted on TikTok and where this GTA gang is chatting around the TikTok user himself who pretends to talk to them. Although there are all kinds of videos where you play with the situation for practically everything.

Well, there are many users who when they have seen this content the first thing they have done is look at the available TikTok filters with the idea of being able to replicate them. The problem is that no matter how hard they have searched, they have not found anything. Why? Well, because this augmented reality filter is not available on the Byte Dance social network. So let’s tell you where you can find it and use it to create your own GTA San Andreas scenes.

How to use the GTA filter on TikTok

The popular and viral GTA San Andreas filter is not on TikTok but on Snapchat. Yes, in that other social network that due to certain decisions and that steamroller that is Facebook did not become the reference that, for example, right now is TikTok or even Instagran for depending on what type of uses and content.

So, in order to put the Grove Street Families gang from GTA San Andreas in your TikTok videos, what you will have to do is use the Snapchat application and once the video is created, take it to TikTok. This is something very simple to do if you follow this step by step:

  1. The first thing you have to do is download and install the Snapchat application on your mobile device. It is available for both iOS and Android (in case you haven’t heard of it yet, although we doubt it). So you will not have a problem using it regardless of the operating system of your mobile phone
  2. Once you have the app and you have created a user account, the next step will be to familiarize yourself a little with the interface so that it is easy for you to scroll through all its options and especially those that allow you to create videos, add new filters, etc.
  3. When you have it under control, in the Snapchat search section write the phrase: Groove Street . Although you will see multiple results, in theory the filter that will allow you to add this family to the videos you record with the Snapcaht camera should be the first result.
  4. Now that you have it, start recording your video. Do the first some test to see how it works well and remember that you will not be able to exceed the minute of time in it
  5. Controlled the operation of the filter and with your first video already recorded with the active filter, publish it on Snapchat
  6. As soon as you have the video published on Snapchat, you can take advantage of the sharing function to take it directly to TikTok, a simple process that will only take a few minutes at most. The time necessary to prepare the material and upload it to the other social network
  7. Ready, you have your first video ready and you can create as many as you want

Snapchat is still the king of AR filters

Although it did not get the same popularity from TikTok or other social networks, it cannot be denied that the best filters (mainly those that make use of augmented reality) have almost always been Snapchat.

What’s more, many of us have come to think that they should focus efforts on creating only the best application to generate all this type of content. Although it is also understood that they want to follow their own path, because it is the way to get a greater amount of income and who knows if in the future they will manage to turn the situation around.

However, with this GTA filter it is once again shown that to create all this type of content for social networks they are still the kings. The quality of most of their filters is much higher than those of other platforms and that is why it is not surprising at all that just as Reels users take advantage of what they have created on TikTok, many of this Byte Dance social network do the same or turn to Snapchat to generate differentiating content. And that the creative tools of TikTok are also at a great level.