How to Use the Camera Food Mode on Samsung Mobiles

All of us have ever taken a photo of the succulent dish that we are going to eat, but the image does not always have the desired appearance. To achieve this, Samsung has a food mode in the camera of its mobiles that will give us the possibility of enjoying an appetizing appearance.

Few will be able to succumb to the charms of everything we eat and that is that both the camera and what we can do through the software, can be key in the final result. So that you too can take incredible photos of food, we are going to show you how to take advantage of it on your Samsung smartphone, an option that unfortunately is not compatible with other terminals.

Use the Camera Food Mode on Samsung Mobiles

Food photography, a world to discover

In case you are a regular user of social networks, you may have noticed that this is one of the most photographed content. More and more people are encouraged to share very appetizing dishes on social networks with the sole intention of making others envious and showing off what they are going to eat. This does not have to be accompanied by a visit to a restaurant, because at home we can also prepare a dish worthy of a Michelin star.

fotos comida

The many photography techniques that we have seen on other occasions and that we usually put into practice in selfies or in photos in idyllic places, are not going to help us much when photographing a plate. In this case we have to take other things into account that will be combined with the technology that we are going to learn about below. We show you the keys to gastronomic photography to take into account before removing the camera from your mobile:

  • Take the photo as soon as possible, do not let the plate get cold.
  • Look for a background that does not detract from the photo.
  • Play with your imagination and create a still life.
  • Take advantage of natural light whenever you can.
  • Combine food, drink, and desserts.
  • We can be part of the photo.

So you can use the food mode on Samsung

The process to benefit from the advantages of this One UI function is very simple and its advantages, as we will see, are very broad. This will allow us to “forget” about looking for the perfect photo, since the camera software took care of doing the most complicated thing, getting the good side of the food we are photographing.

foto comida samsung

  • We start by entering the native Samsung camera app.
  • Then we tap on the “More” button at the bottom.
  • Among the camera modes that we have available, all smartphones with One UI have “Food”.
  • Tapping on it will activate it and go live.

Once the camera is in food mode, the text that identifies it will appear just above the trigger. On the screen it will show us how a system similar to portrait mode has been activated, although here it is based on forms that are identified with food to achieve the best blur on high-end, mid-range or cheaper smartphones.

fotos comida samsung opciones

The options in this mode allow us to drag a bounding box across the image to focus the viewer’s attention on our plate. We will also be able to adjust the depth from the icon in the upper right, as well as modify the color. The tonality will not change too much, but it is key that the image of the food is cold or warm depending on the environment and the avocado, giving a totally different appearance from what we have seen so far on the screen.

Then we will only have to take the picture or keep the finger pressed to create a small video clip that we can also share wherever we want. We will have to play with these options, adding it to the photography tips for food that we have given you before, to gradually see on the screen how our ideal photo is taking shape. It is recommended to take more than one photo, to later be able to choose between the repertoire of options that we have, with different backgrounds, positions, inclinations and all the variations that will give us a different point than the typical one.

And also on older Samsung mobiles

Since the origin of One UI, Samsung has been integrating food options into its smartphones to achieve the best result. That is why it is very easy for your smartphone, even if it is several years old, to also have this advantage, although the process in that case will be different, since we will have to activate it to make it available. Be that as it may, if your mobile does not allow you to activate this photography mode as we have seen previously, you will only have to do this:

modos camara samsung

  • We access the mobile camera.
  • Click on the bottom left on the settings wheel.
  • We choose the option “Edit camera modes”.
  • Then the front and rear cameras will appear, where we select rear because it is not possible on the front.
  • Among the options we mark the food mode that by default is deactivated.
  • We put it in the desired order and go back.

camara comida samsung

Now the camera will show us between the upper tabs the modes that we have activated, among them the option to photograph our dishes or desserts . The evolution with respect to the camera mode that same previously has been remarkable in the results, although the possibilities of color and blur are also present in these old Samsung models.

The last touches and social networks

Before publishing the photo that we have taken with the food mode, it never hurts to take into account some small modifications that can come in handy to give an even better look to the food photo. We just have to enter the gallery, click on the photo that we like the most and then touch the editing pencil. With a slight correction of contrast, saturation or brightness, we can make the result improve, but of course we must bear in mind the cropping of the image to eliminate everything that does not tell us or contribute anything, taking into account that it must also “breathe the food “with the surroundings.

herramientas capturas samsung galaxy mano

Filters are of course an important part of mobile editing and can be applied to food photos in subtle ways. Once completed, you just have to share it on social networks and wait for the comments of our friends or family, why we will prepare that dish or recommend the restaurant.