How to Fix Noise in Calls with Any Mobile

How to Fix Noise in Calls with Any Mobile

While the possibilities of mobile phones continue to increase and gain prominence, we cannot forget the importance of calls that allow us to communicate instantly with anyone. Although there seem to be few problems in this regard, noise can be a huge factor.

There is no greater annoyance than a mobile that suffers from noise when making or receiving calls . But nevertheless, we have technology and possibilities at our fingertips to prevent this from being a problem on our mobile. It does not matter if we have an iPhone or an Android terminal, because as you will see the keys are very similar and everything we will have to do will be possible to do it regardless of the brand or model.

The key is noise cancellation

At first, smartphones did not have any added advantage beyond a small filter next to the internal microphone of the mobile to avoid noise. But luckily, little by little this has evolved and the noise reduction in mobile phones arrived more than 10 years ago. A technology that was born based purely on software, and later has evolved by leaps and bounds until it offers us what we have today.

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The current smartphones that we use do not require a specific option that activates the noise reduction of our mobile, as this is activated by default and cannot be disabled either. Comparing a mobile phone from years ago with a current one, we will verify that the difference in noise in calls is abysmal and that is also due to the fact that we now have more microphones, in some terminals expressly dedicated to capturing noise outside our voice to eliminate it.

It works just like in headphones as active noise cancellation. It collects everything that happens around, to suppress everything that it understands as something unnecessary. In calls we are interested in transmitting our voice and nothing else, so he decides to eliminate it, although this is not perfect and it will be where problems and possible solutions come into play.

Why doesn’t the cancellation work on my mobile?

Before throwing our hands at our heads, it is important to find out who is failing the noise cancellation for calls or, if the other person has a very old mobile that could be the source of the problem. For that, we recommend making calls to several people, quickly getting out of doubt to find out if others are also listening to us with noise, asking how they are listening to us.

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In case we are the ones to blame, we will have to get down to work to find the solution. Among the options of our mobile there will be little to do, although the first thing we recommend is to restart the mobile, because for some reason the cancellation could have been disabled, causing the noises to sneak into the call . Then we have to enter Settings> System> Updates, from where we have to install the patches and new features available, which in most cases will solve our problem.

Tips to avoid noise in calls

But beyond what we have seen, if we continue to suffer from noise problems in mobile calls, there are some techniques and keys to keep in mind that could be causing people to hear us with noise and there is no way to get rid of it. This can occur on any smartphone, regardless of the technology that it has developed to avoid it.

The key is in the way of holding the mobile

As simple as it may seem, just by changing the position of our hand when holding the mobile close to the ear, we can take care of causing an annoying noise that not even noise cancellation systems can eliminate. It is important to bring the mobile closer to the ear and stick it if necessary, but the error mostly lies in the hand, since the cause may be in the grip. Try different positions and with the help of a friend on the other end of the phone.

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Dirt and dust, a great enemy

Although we can ignore it for a long time, the use of the mobile ends up causing society to enter where it seems impossible. This causes the dust to enter the mobile microphone and at the slightest blow of voice, the membrane rebounds causing an annoying noise to be heard that the other interlocutor will have to endure.

To get rid of the dust inside the mobile there are no miracles, we can only choose or blow several times and with force into the small microphone or microphone hole of the smartphone. Usually located at the bottom of the mobile, top and at the back the extra to eliminate noise. Then we must prepare to remove the dust that has come out with a microfiber cloth and be careful that this is not repeated many times or we could have to think about repairing the microphone.

If you use a cover, try removing it

Although most covers are adapted so as not to block the entrances, in some of them we could find that in our case this is not the case. That would be why we are heard lazy, noises are heard or many times they do not understand us well. We will have to look for a cover that does have the holes for the microphones and since then, this will become one more detail to look at when buying a cover.

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The remedies against the wind

No matter how many microphones our mobile has to try to eliminate noise using technology, there are places where the wind blows with great force and it is impossible to counteract it. In this case, we will be in charge of solving it, either by covering the microphone with our hand, standing next to a wall to stop the wind or ultimately finding a solution that does not expose the mobile to so much wind.

Where are you?

Although we associate noise with annoyances that can be caused by the wind, other people speaking or various situations, noise from the use of mobile phones can also be part of an interference . For this reason we must bear in mind that if we are near the television without sound, a WiFi router or near large technology centers, noise can sneak into our call. It would really be a problem that we can only get rid of by moving our position.