How to Fix the Problems with the Notifications of the Xiaomi Mi Band

Although the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelets are an interesting option to stay connected without having to look at the mobile, they drag a series of problems with notifications . In all its versions we have run into these bugs that make it impossible to be aware of messages, WhatsApp or calls.

However, with more or less effort, we will be able to solve the notifications on our Mi Band sports bracelet. You just have to follow the steps that we are going to explain and proceed to follow them on your smartphone with the help of the Mi Fit app. With all these steps you will ensure that your bracelet works as it should.

Fix the Problems with the Notifications of the Xiaomi Mi Band

Ways to fix notifications on the Mi Band

There is no specific mobile, Android version or personalization layer that suffers more or less problems with notifications, in all terminals we will be able to face these situations. Some errors that we will solve with the following alternatives that we show you.

Have you configured the notifications correctly?

Although it may seem unlikely, the truth is that after having given all the permissions to the Mi Fit app, failures to receive alerts on the Mi Band may be just around the corner. The app is not capable by itself of giving us all those notifications that we need and we will have to follow a complete configuration process that will allow us to make everything work as it should.

Mi Band 6

To solve this, we will enter the Mi Fit app, touch at the bottom of our profile and proceed to enter our Mi Band, regardless of the model in question. Within it, we will have many options available, but the one that interests us this time is the one called “Incoming calls”. From the inside, we will have to activate it manually for it to work and if it asks us for any permission, accept it.

But this is not all, now comes the more complex process and that has to do with the messages and the terminal apps. First we are going to allow the option “Application alerts” and then go down and touch on “Manage applications” which will help us to mark one by one, the apps where we want this mechanism to work. With this, the process will be complete, although we must take into account the option if we want the alerts to arrive with the mobile screen on or not.

The fault is in the battery saver

Although our mobile does not have the battery saving mode in operation, the system is responsible for killing certain processes that remain active on the mobile, such as Mi Fit so that we can receive alerts on the bracelet from the smartphone. If we do not know about this possibility, it is most likely that we will run into errors and to solve it, what we will do will be the following:

mi band 4 en maceta

  • We enter the mobile Settings.
  • We go down to Applications and access.
  • We touch on My Fit.
  • To later enter Battery.
  • In this section we will have to choose the “No restrictions” mode.

This will lead to a higher battery consumption which, however, will not be alarming, but on the other hand it will give us the advantage of being able to receive notifications on the Xiaomi bracelet without the problems that we have been suffering.

The trick that ensures us notifications

Although it can be somewhat annoying to be constantly seeing the My Fit icon at the top of the screen of our mobile, closing that window or removing it means that notifications do not work anymore. For this reason we recommend that if you are having problems receiving messages on the bracelet or calls, enter the Mi Fit app to do the following:

icono mi fit

  • We tap on the Profile button.
  • We go down to the Settings of the app.
  • Inside we are going to activate the option “Show the status in the notification bar”.
  • We will check that it works by looking at the small icon at the top of the screen or in the notifications.

Reset the connection of the Mi Band

The specialized forums and the Xiaomi community share several solutions that try to accommodate the problems of the bracelet. This leads us to come up with a method to fix the problem with the Mi Band that will allow us to get the notifications to work properly again. We will only have to follow these steps:

First we are going to unlink the Mi Band from the Mi Fit. A process that begins in the app, accessing our profile, touching the desired bracelet and going down to the Unlink section. Once we touch on the option, the bracelet will be released from our account.

Then we will enter the mobile Settings, then Applications and locate My Fit. We enter Storage and choose to clear cache and erase data. With this process, both the mobile phone and the bracelet will stop dragging update errors that may have affected the connection.

Mi Band 4 Whatsapp

Finally, we will only have to re-enter Mi Fit, to enter our account in the app and proceed to link the Mi Band. All our data from previous activities will continue to be linked to the account and therefore we will not have lost them with any of the processes we have carried out. We will only have to go back to the first step to configure the notifications.

Why are some messages lost?

Although we have followed all the steps and our Mi Band already has the notifications well configured, it is possible that some of the messages we receive on WhatsApp, Telegram or other alternatives, do not appear on the screen of our bracelet . This is not an error, but it may be due to a saturation, when they send us too many in the same second, the bracelet was not able to show them all quickly and therefore some are lost.

Problemas Xiaomi Mi Band 6

However, if we enter the notifications section of our activity bracelet, they will all be there, although at first we have not been able to read it in full. Also, remember to delete these alerts from time to time or they will accumulate and can lead to confusion.