Upflix Review: Check Netflix Newson iPhone

netflix-iphone-xSometimes it is really complicated to follow Netflix news as new series and movies are released every week and we don’t even realize it. And this is because Netflix has become one of the most used platforms to view content on demand and has also gained much fame for the original productions. Now thanks to Upflix we can be aware of all the news that is emerging and according to our preferences we will recommend the most appropriate content.

Enjoy Netflix more thanks to Upflix

As we have said before, on Netflix there is a small chaos mounted and every day we see how new series and movies are added. But we do not have an exclusive panel for scheduled launches , but we must resort many times to specialized means to consult the premieres of the month. With Upflix you can give a solution to this chaos as it will show us everything new and also the recommendations of what to see in the day.


Upon entering the application for the first time, which is available for both Android and iOS, we will select our country. Obviously this is essential for the catalog to be customized as it differs between countries . In the first tab that we find we can observe all the new contents that are going to be released expressly detailing the release date in addition to information about it. We will have access to both trailers if they are available in addition to the cast and the technical sheet of the production as well as a series of ratings. With this we will be fully informed of everything new but also the series that they are taking out is informed. Unfortunately, Netflix does not always add up since sometimes series are withdrawn and to avoid being caught off guard we can consult it on Upflix.

An interesting search engine is included to be able to do a search by different criteria. For example, if we have an actor that we love, we can easily access all his films.

If you are totally bored and do not know well what to choose from Netflix the application will help you. It is true that when we have so much content available we feel somewhat overwhelmed not knowing what to choose and that is why at the bottom we find the ‘ Roulette ‘ option. When selecting it we will get a window where we can apply some interesting filters such as the type of genre (action, comedy …) or the average rating. Once these data have been entered, roulette will decide the series that we will begin to watch. In most cases this roulette will end up being right because if we establish a high satisfaction score, we will get very good content.

This is an ideal application for any type of person but especially for lovers of series and movies. There will no longer be any kind of excuse to say ‘since I don’t see on Netflix’ because we can throw lots of luck on this decision. We expect other platforms to become ‘strong’ enough to have similar applications.

Developer: Douglas Alves
Price: Free