The Best Android Apps to Control Expenses and Make Budgets

money-mangerThe year begins after Christmas and some kings who have left our pockets bare and that end a decade and start a new one. But as every year and this does not change, January is the month that is most noticeable in our account. Annual payments, insurance, mortgages, organization of the expenses of the year … It is important to have our accounts made and well organized on the January slope.

You may have proposed as a New Year’s purpose to be more organized in this aspect, and how to organize your expenses and throw your annual accounts is basic and very important, I leave you a list with the best applications for you to organize your personal finances or family and thus make your life much easier. Let’s start then:

Best applications for you to organize your personal or family finances


Fintonic is probably the number 1 app in this area. It is one of the most downloaded, and rightly so (it has been awarded by Google as the best finance app in 2015). It allows you to control both your expenses and your income , since it can be synchronized with your personal bank. In addition, you can also make financing , it tells you if you have to renew the car insurance and if you have enough balance, control and synchronize your accounts, insurance, cards, loans, mortgages and investment products and everything related to personal economy.

Honeydue: the app for couples

Honeydue is a very good app to control and manage your expenses , as it allows you to track your bills, bank balances and expenses, as a couple . And that is the grace and what this app is based on, as a couple. It allows you to send money to each other, sets monthly family spending limits in each category and sends you a notification when they are approaching the proposed goal.

Wallet: money, budget, finance tracker

Wallet helps you plan and track your budgets and expenses, as well as allowing you to actively manage your finances using multiple currencies, banks and financial institutions.

Weplan: control your mobile rate

Weplan allows you to maintain control over your consumption of data, calls and SMS of your mobile rate . Through graphs, it shows you all this information, and also compares the different rates of both prepaid and contract to recommend the best option.


Monefy is an expense registration app. You just have to add every expense you make. Simply add new records when you buy something or order a taxi, you just need to fill in the amount.

Money Manager, Expense Tracker (Money Manager)

Money Manager, Expense Tracker or Money Manager (these are the ones that sound much better in English …) helps you track your financial activity efficiently . It has a simple and intuitive design , so it is easy to use. Thanks to this app you can manage your expenses and manage your financial life. It is easy to find in the Play Store since it has very good reviews .

Quick Budget – Expense Manager

This is another good app to keep your economy under control. It allows you to review your daily expenses and helps you save. It has different tools such as calendars, graphics, and even summarizes your expenses for the month.

VAT Calculator

Although it may not seem like it, calculating the VAT on our expenses can be important, and many people don’t know how to do it. With this simple application you can calculate by default the VAT of any sum of money, and not only the VAT of Spain, but also of any country .

Developer: Joao Ferreira
Price: Free


Travel Budget: follow expenses with TravelSpend is a very useful app when it comes to controlling economic expenses if we want to make a trip . It is an incredibly useful app if we travel often, since it does not require an Internet connection, automatically converts any currency into your local currency , allows you to visualize your expenses and analyze them to be able to stay within your budget and can even export that data from your expenses to a CSV file (Excel).

1Money – Expenses, administrator, budget

1Money is another one of those apps that allow you to manage your finances in a simple and intuitive way. You do not need to break your head by entering data and trying to manage it within the app, since its design is striking and easy to understand . It is a complete app and allows you to do any kind of economic management. It also has a very good note in the Google app store.