Problems Booting the Mac? Causes and Solutions

mac-not-bootingEverything seems happiness when our electronic devices work, but in a way we can break the world down when they have a problem. More if possible when they are work teams such as a Mac. But do not worry, because in this article we will help you know why your Mac does not turn on and what are the possible solutions you can take to fix it.

Causes that a Mac does not turn on and solutions

Any computer that lends itself is a complex system of components, cables and circuits that make it work. Any minimal change or defect in one of them can cause it to stop working completely. That is why the cause of a Mac not starting is not always the same and in fact it may be due to something totally unsuspected, but here we are going to expose some of the most frequent cases for you to find out what happens to your computer before you go to repair it.

Most frequent failures in MacBook with problems to boot

Perhaps the first most obvious cause of a Mac not turning on is the lack of battery. This is logically attributable to a MacBook. We assume that you have had the equipment charging for several minutes and have even kept it that way when you tried to start it, so we can almost take this possibility for granted. What perhaps could be is a charger failure. Either the cable, the transformer or any of the connectors. We recommend testing with other chargers to verify if this is the problem.

MacBook no carga

Another very frequent case in a MacBook is that the internal connector of the equipment , and that makes the load possible, has been damaged. Either due to its own use, damage due to humidity or any other defect, this connector can cause the MacBook not to receive the charge as it should and therefore not be able to even turn on. The most obvious recommendation for this is to go to an Apple Store or Authorized Technical Service to certify that this is the fault and can offer you a solution.

Other common problems on MacBook, iMac and Mac

Something that affects all Apple computers is the graphics card , which is responsible for processing all the information related to the images you see on the screen. Needless to say, a failure in this can be crucial for the screen to be displayed with strange graphics, to be turned off or even the entire computer is unable to boot. This fault is one of the most tedious and always requires supervision by an expert, so we recommend going to technical support.

Another fault that can be common in the entire Mac range is that related to the hard disk. Either an SSD, mechanical hard drive or combination of both with Fusion Drive. This is the fundamental component of every computer, being the one that stores all the data. A defective hard disk may often not allow the operating system to load and remain on a previous error screen. Many times it can even prevent the computer from turning on even to show the warning of the fault. Here, once again, we recommend going to technical support.

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The screen is another of the fundamental axes of a computer. In this case we focus on the iMac and MacBook, since they are the ones with the screen already integrated in the computer. Verify that your screen is in good condition, without any blow that could cause it to break. Try to remember if there was a blow recently even though it was not visibly marked, since sometimes it can be in good condition and yet be damaged so as not to even be able to show any image.

In virtually all of these failures mentioned, and also in others, moisture damage can be decisive. We understand that no one will have directly wet your equipment and much less have taken it to a place like the beach or pool, but many times from our own home or office we can also suffer from these problems. Either by a glass of water or other spilled liquid near the equipment or environmental conditions not recommended. Therefore, Apple recommends not storing or using in a place with humidity.

As far as software is concerned, it is not common to find a system bug that prevents it from loading, but it is not impossible either. Perhaps the installation of insecure applications or any other cause may have corrupted the operating system , so the system must be restored safely and cleanly in order to return to normal operation.

These are just some of the many failures that can cause your Mac not to boot. They are the most common, but as we said at the beginning of this article, any minimal defect can cause this failure. You will have verified how in addition all our solutions go through recommending to go to the technical service with the Mac and this is because it is in Apple and in authorized places where we can have a better diagnosis and also offer you the best solution.

The repair price you will get can vary greatly, as it is conditioned by several factors. The first factor, and the most decisive one, is the exact failure of the equipment, since the same costs will not be assumed by repairing a connector that having to change the graphics card or the entire motherboard. It will also depend on whether you go to Apple or a third-party technical service, and despite having similar prices in Apple Store and Authorized Technical Services, it is not so in other establishments.