Unlock your mobile using your Amazfit watch

There is no one who doubts the reputation that Amazfit smartwatches have managed to obtain. If these devices are characterized by something, it is by providing the user with various ways to control aspects of the phone without even having to take it out of the pants pocket.

Unlock your mobile using your Amazfit watch

More and more users are betting on one of them, and it is not for less, since they include a large number of functions that try to facilitate the daily development of activities through monitoring and accessibility. Evidence of this is the control of the heart rate or the possibility of answering calls with the watch.

However, they are not the only advantages that this type of accessory provides, since it also tries to minimize the actions that the consumer needs to access their smartphone. That is why you can unlock your mobile thanks to your wearable.

How to activate the option

It is necessary to point out that once this functionality is activated you should not do anything else. This means that it is not based on entering the pattern or the numerical key from the smartwatch, but your phone will not be locked if the complement is nearby.

Amazfit GTS 2

In this way, if the user needs to access his terminal, he can do it directly without procedures involved. The steps to enable this property are as follows:

  1. Go to the Zepp Amazfit app you downloaded to pair your watch.
  2. Access your profile , which you can find in the upper right area.
  3. Once inside you must touch on the device in question. In this case, your Amazfit smartwatch and then on the ‘Unlock screen’ section.
  4. In the lower area you can see a button to go to the mobile configuration. play it
  5. You will appear in the Google Smart Lock section of your terminal and both devices will be linked.
  6. Go to ‘Trusted Devices’. The screen will be empty, so you must enter the accessory by clicking on ‘Add trusted device’.
  7. Just tap on the name of your smartwatch and right after ‘Yes, add’ to confirm.

With this, the process would be finished. As you can see, it does not hide a great mystery, but it is a faculty that few usually know about. Now you no longer need to enter a password if the wearable is close to your phone.

Is this feature secure?

The truth is that this power can significantly expose all your information, since if someone steals your smartphone they will be able to access any section if they have not been too far away previously.

Be careful, the maximum distance that this option enables is not considerable. In fact, it is designed to cover a minimum distance so that this type of situation does not occur. Approximately, at more than a meter and a half away, it would be impossible to unlock the mobile in this way.

Your data is safe . Above all, because in normal circumstances you must keep your terminal protected with a view to possible theft. The technology is smart and is designed to avoid catastrophic moments as much as possible.