LoL Wild Rift main equippable items and spells

Learning to play League of Legends: Wild Rift is not an easy task at all. There are many elements that influence when fighting in the Riot Games MOBA for mobile. For this reason, for an inexperienced player, it can be a somewhat overwhelming experience.

Especially if you’ve never had the opportunity to try this kind of game before. You should not only take into account the type of character you choose, but also their abilities and the objects that they carry with them.

Gear up for battle

LoL Wild Rift main equippable items and spells

The latter are really important during the course of the game, since they provide a large number of advantages . This means that a Champion can become a lethal weapon if equipped with the right items, which can be:

  • Physical – Improvements to the damage that attacks deal.
  • Magic : Increases the effectiveness of skills.
  • Defensive : Improves stamina and max health.
  • Boots: Provide increased speed.
  • Enchantments : Increase various aspects of the character.

In addition, these are divided into three categories based on their power: basic, medium and improved. Now that you know the different kinds of objects that exist in League of Legends: Wild Rift, it is time for you to know the best ones that you can use. Be careful, it all depends on the type of character you use for combat, but given its properties and benefits, these are the ones indicated:

black blade

As far as physical items are concerned, there is a specific item that offers multiple advantages and that in characters like Zed can be the key to victory.

This is the Black Blade, an Improved range combat ax that grants the user three considerable improvements consisting of 350 health points, 30 attack damage and 25% more speed when executing abilities.

Echo of Lunden

Among the magical items there are several that are characterized by their many virtues, but Echo of Lunden is the best option for a Champion who uses mostly magical attacks.

The properties that this object grants are an increase of 300 points of mana , 80 points of damage of ability and a 10% speed to make use of them.

spiritual face

If you have enough gold to buy the defensive item ‘Spirit Face’ you should wait no longer. This is probably the best item in League of Legends: Wild Rift that you can equip to characters who are into tanking enemy hits.

A 350 health buff, 100% health regeneration increase, 45 magic resistance increase, and increased skill speed. These are certainly buffs that turn an already tough character into a nearly indestructible Champion.

greedy greaves

The boots fully guarantee a greater movement speed for the character, although some of them incorporate other added advantages that are of great help, as is the case of the ‘Greedy Greaves’.

Its price in gold is not excessively expensive. It’s only 1,000 gold and provides a 40 point increase in movement speed and 8% absorption of damage from physical and magical attacks.

Medallion Enchantment

Spells can give numerous superiorities over the rival. The best thing is that some have an effect on the whole team, such as the Medallion Enchantment.

Its purpose is to create a shield for both you and your teammates that blocks damage for a limited time of 2.5 seconds. It seems little, but it can be decisive at the right time.