Unable to watch Netflix: it won't load, crashes or disappears, what do I do?

We sit in front of the TV or PC to enjoy our favorite movies or series via streaming, but suddenly things don’t work as they should. And it is that sometimes we come across certain problems that do not allow us to enjoy platforms like Netflix as we would like.

Next, we want to focus on the aforementioned Netflix that most of you know firsthand. Despite all the advantages it offers us, sometimes it presents us with certain errors that can be extremely annoying. All this despite the enormous quality of the online multimedia content service. It is precisely for all this that we will now talk about the most common errors that we are going to find here and how to solve them as soon as possible.

Unable to watch Netflix: it won't load, crashes or disappears

Generally, many of these occur during the playback of movies or series , which is obviously a serious annoyance. Let’s see what are the most common errors that we find on the platform of the big N when watching videos online.

Videos take too long to load

It goes without saying that in most cases the video content that we consume here is played online via streaming. Therefore, if we are going to start with a reproduction and we see that it takes too long to load, we have a problem. This is something that can be done more often in HD or 4K content . The most common reason for this failure is that our internet connection is not powerful enough for those qualities.

If this is the case, we should opt for a somewhat lower quality. Here it is also recommended to close the rest of the programs, if we are on a PC, that at that moment make use of the Internet. For example, a P2P client that is downloading Torrents.

I can’t sign in to Netflix

It may also be the case that we try to log in to the streaming platform and we cannot. This is an essential requirement to access all content, as you can imagine. At this point, the first thing we must do is make sure that both the username and the password are correct. It may also be the case that our subscription has expired or simply the payment could not be made.

Sometimes we find that our associated bank card has expired and Netflix has not been able to collect the monthly payment. In that case we will not be able to log in and we will have to take the appropriate measures.

I get a black screen

The sudden appearance of a black screen instead of media content on Netflix can be a serious problem. This is more common than it seems and can occur with or without sound. Generally, this error usually occurs when we try to play certain content. Therefore, the first solution to try is to go back to the previous screen and try to load that video again.

In the internet browser we can also try to disable or uninstall the extensions or even clear the cache. In an extreme case, we can try to reinstall the application if we use the Windows , Android or iOS application.

I can’t find some series or movies on Netflix

Sometimes when we go to use a certain title on the platform, we can’t find it anywhere. Before going crazy, we must bear in mind that Netflix constantly renews its content. This means that some suddenly disappear, while others appear in its extensive catalog. It may happen that some series or movie that we had halfway has been withdrawn.

The application does not let me download chapters or movies

Downloading content to Netflix came to the delight of many. But in this sense, the first thing we should know is that not all series or movies can be downloaded to our device . Also, for this we need a certain amount of free disk space, otherwise we can have problems. Likewise, the version of Windows and its corresponding app must be compatible.