Earning money on Twitch is easy: you just need to do this

Currently on the popular streaming platform Twitch we can find content creators who offer us transmissions related to all kinds of topics. Although initially the most popular are those related to video games, over time all this has gone a little further.

This gives us the opportunity to follow our favorite Twitch streamers if we really care about everything they show us on their streams. They can be related to music, cooking, tricks of all kinds, or simply to chat. But we must bear in mind that in many cases these content creators transmit their lives and experiences to us not only for leisure. Many of them have as their main objective, in addition to gaining followers, obtaining an economic benefit.

Earning money on Twitch is easy: you just need to do this

Evidently, for all this, the economic contributions in one way or another made by their followers and subscribers are key. At the same time, they must offer a series of content that is as interesting as possible to attract the attention of the public. Apart from all this is the way in which these streamers are able to transmit what they want to expose to others. Most of the cases seek to be friendly, professional or funny in order to attract a greater number of followers .

Although becoming a successful streamer and earning money may seem easy at first on Twitch, it really isn’t. Something similar happens on the YouTube platform, which despite the fact that some succeed, there are many more who try. The same thing happens in the aforementioned Twitch, but with everything and with it, the truth is that we do not lose anything by trying, perhaps time, in any case.

Requirements to meet on Twitch to earn money

With everything and with it and in order to monetize our account on this streaming platform , it also requires a series of requirements in order to start earning money. This means that all those who register here in order to earn a few euros, will not be able to do so from the first day. Before they will have to fulfill a series of essential requirements for all this.

These are precisely the ones that we are going to show you below in case you plan to launch yourself into this interesting world and become successful streamers. If necessary, these are the requirements that the platform itself demands of us in an unavoidable way to be part of the affiliate program :

  • Have made some live broadcasts of at least 500 minutes over the last 30 days.
  • Have a minimum of 50 followers at that time to be able to monetize on Twitch.
  • We must also have an average of at least 3 viewers on our live streams over the past week.
  • We must have streamed for at least 7 days over the past month.

In short, and as we can see, what the platform asks of us before starting to earn money here is to have some experience. This means that we will not be able to start monetizing our account until after a few weeks and meet these minimum requirements that we have mentioned. Later, if we want to level up through Twitch Partner , these are the requirements to cover:

  • Broadcast for at least 12 days in the last month.
  • Have a minimum of 25 hours of direct in the last 30 days.
  • Have at least an average of 75 spectators in that same time.