UltraRAM, the universal memory that could end RAM and hard drives

Could UltraRAM be the universal memory we’ve all been waiting for years? Let’s get rid of doubts knowing the advances discovered by researchers that will pave the way for a possible mass production of UltraRAM, a new and very promising memory technology.

Both the processor and the RAM are two fundamental elements when it comes to an electronic device working properly. The good balance between both guarantees us that the performance of the device in question is optimal. If you have a computer with the Windows 10 operating system, knowing how to use all the RAM and the processor cores will allow you to make the most of your computer’s features. Now, scientists from the University of Lancaster in the United Kingdom have produced a report explaining the operation of a promising memory technology called UltraRAM that heralds a revolution in this field.


Features of UltraRAM

It can be defined as “a non-volatile memory with the potential to achieve fast and ultra-low energy storage of electrons”. It is able to combine the non-volatility of traditional data storage memory while maintaining the speed and endurance of RAM, meaning it could be implemented as universal memory in the future.

Over the years, there has been a growing need to develop memory technology capable of eliminating the need for separate RAM and storage . After various investigations, neither resistive RAM, magnetoresistive RAM nor phase change memory have been able to meet expectations. In addition, Intel‘s Optane memory, a comparable alternative, was removed from consumer PCs last year.

In terms of performance, the first signs are quite promising in the case of UltraRAM. The report claims that this memory technology is capable of offering data storage times of at least 1,000 years and lower switching power than DRAM and flash.

“A memory that is fast and non-volatile, with high endurance and low-energy logic state switching, i.e. so-called universal memory, has long been dismissed as unattainable due to the seemingly contradictory physical properties that a memory device would require. this guy,” the report states.

“Significant progress has been made, with memory products emerging in large- and small-scale commercial production, but, as with conventional memory, the trade-off between logic state stability and switching power remains. UltraRAM breaks this paradigm through the exploitation of InAs quantum wells (QW) and AlSb barriers to create a triple barrier resonant tunneling (TBRT) structure.”

Its use could be a revolution

What is most relevant in this technology is its ability to combine the attributes of RAM and storage memory in order to obtain performance benefits in uses from computer servers to video game consoles and much more. The researchers are currently working on further refining the manufacturing process and making any necessary improvements. These aspects increase the probability that UltraRAM can reach the market at a competitive price, encouraging its rapid and widespread use by users around the world.