Ubisoft Plus Already Supports Google Stadia: All Games in the Cloud

Ubisoft Plus Already Supports Google Stadia

Ubisoft just announced that support for Google Stadia has officially arrived at Ubisoft Plus . In this way, all users who pay for the company’s subscription video game service will be able to enjoy them from the Google cloud. And that’s not the best, the most interesting thing is that you won’t have to pay for the Stadia premium plan.

Ubisoft Plus now on Google Stadia

Last October we learned that Ubisoft was not only changing the name of its subscription video game service from UPlay Plus to Ubisoft Plus , but also that they were working on supporting Google Stadia. Thanks to that, any user with an active plan could play all their titles from the Google cloud gaming platform.

Now that integration has finally been officially announced and you can now enjoy the entire catalog . Or almost, because at the moment only US users have access. Although according to Ubisoft it will only be a matter of days before the rest can do it as well.

Therefore, if you had pending or were interested in playing many of the titles of this publisher , you already have one less excuse. Because thanks to this integration with Google Stadia you will not need to invest in a Master Race PC or any other hardware option beyond any of those that offer support for Stadia. And that, as you already know, is something you can do both with a smartphone and even through the Chromecast Ultra among many other PCs that with very basic features at the hardware level and a Chrome browser already let you play in the cloud.

How to play Ubisoft Plus titles from Google Stadia

In order to play the titles available on Ubisoft Plus from Google Stadia, the first thing you must do is have an active plan. That means paying the 14.99 euros per month that the service costs.

Once you have subscribed you have two options. On the one hand is using the free version of Google Stadia . This saves you any type of additional expense, although it limits you in terms of image quality (it will not exceed 1080p) and priority of access to the servers. But if you are not a very demanding player nor are you in a hurry, it is not usually a problem.

On the other hand, if you also pay for the Premium version of Google Stadia you can enjoy 4K quality and that priority when connecting. So just decide to what extent one option or another may interest you. Our advice is that if you play occasionally, you don’t need the paid version.

Once you have your Ubisoft Play account active, link to your Google Stadia account from Ubisoft’s own website. Once done, you will be able to enjoy titles such as The Division, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legion and many others, up to more than a hundred titles with which you will surely find one that you like.