Call of Duty Cold War Season 1: Battle Pass, Weapons and Operators

Call of Duty Cold War Season 1

We are just a few days away from the start of Season 1 of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War , so Activision has gone on to offer all the details that will include the new battle pass that all players will be able to unlock soon. Do you want to know what awaits you? Well keep reading.

The advantages of the battle pass

Call of Duty Cold War Temporada 1

By purchasing the battle pass, we will have access to the 100 rewards that the game offers for a limited time, since after time the new season will begin, and with it the new gifts. But all these gifts will be blocked, and only some can be obtained for free. With the battle pass you will achieve just that, having access to all of them as your character gains more and more experience.

New Operators: Stich and Adler

Call of Duty Cold War Temporada 1

As soon as you get the battle pass, the first thing you will get are the two new operators that will welcome season 1. On the one hand we have Stitch, a famous renegade agent escaped from the Gulaj who is a specialist in chemical weapons who is characterized by be one-eyed and wear a gas mask.

The other agent will be an old acquaintance for those who have completed the Cold War campaign, as we will receive the Adler skin , Stitch’s number one enemy, who will be accompanied by a blue jacket as a complement. Both characters will be able to unlock alternate skins by completing a series of challenges and missions, so you’ll have plenty of work to do.

New free weapons

Call of Duty Cold War Temporada 1

The battle pass will also include two new completely free weapons that we can use from day one. One of them is the Mac-10 , a submachine gun with a faster rate of fire than the five submachine guns available since launch day, while also offering a significantly faster reload speed than average.

The other weapon is the Groza assault rifle , a 7.62 caliber weapon that offers extremely high handling speed, something that will allow us to aim quickly in battle. It is one of the rifles with the highest rate of fire in its class.

Reach level 100 and get all the rewards

Call of Duty Cold War Temporada 1

As always, the main course will wait for you at level 100 of the battle pass . In this case you will get the Stitch Prisoner skin, which will dress the operator in the same way he did when he escaped from the Gulaj prison. With this skin you will be wearing a very striking orange jumpsuit, something that may not be the most appropriate to go unnoticed, it must be said.

The rest of the rewards that we will obtain with level 100 with the “natural order” assault rifle blueprint, “Assault” design for vehicles and the emblem of the first season that you can proudly wear on your player profile.

Battle Pass and Battle Pass with Early Access

Call of Duty Cold War Temporada 1

The Battle Pass has an official price of 1,000 Call of Duty points, however, you will also have the opportunity to get a more advanced pack for 2,400 Call of Duty points. The difference? The latter will automatically unlock 20 levels of the battle pass so you will have a lot of work ahead.

The good news is that if you manage to reach level 100 of the battle pass, you will have collected another 1,000 Call of Duty points during that time, so you can purchase the next battle pass of season 2 again without spending a single euro . You have work ahead of you!