Bitmoji Paint, the Second Exclusive Game for Snapchat

Bitmoji Paint is the second game released by Snapchat within its own platform. A multiplayer proposal that in addition to being an interesting way to attract new users, is another demonstration of the weight they could have within social platforms in the near future. So, let’s see what this particular title offers.

Bitmoji Paint, an exclusive game for Snapchat

It must be admitted that Snapchat is no longer that social network that surprised a few years ago with its particular way of sharing content. Those messages or publications that were self-destructing and were that shaped the popular stories that we now see on other platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp and even Twitter.

Bitmoji Paint

However, despite this loss of popularity globally, they have continued to show that they are much more innovative than on other platforms. And they have achieved that by doing what they do best. In the first place, creating unique filters, such as the most recent one that allowed to transform the user’s face into that of an anime, and also with such innovative proposals as the inclusion of their own and exclusive games within the platform.

The first to arrive was Bitmoji Party and now they present a second proposal called Bitmoji Paint . This second title is partly both a creative and a social game, as you will be able to coordinate with other users to take on much more complex and elaborate challenges. Although it is still good, before I tell you more about it, how to access the game.

As was done with its first proposal, Bitmoji Paint is accessed from the search engine or chat . Just type in the name and it will appear. Now you just have to access it and start playing. But how do you play or what does it consist of? Well, when you start it, what you will find is your Bitmoji as an avatar and with it you can scroll through a giant canvas.

This is made up of boxes that will be the ones that you can paint one by one until you get a giant Pixel Art and as elaborate as the time and creativity you have. Although the good thing is that it will not be something that you will have to do alone, you can also take advantage of its social functions to coordinate with other users through text or voice chat. What’s more, you can even use stickers to interact with when you see something you like, if you do.

A future full of games

Bitmoji Paint is a new demonstration that games are going to play a pivotal role on social media in the near future. Even any social platform is the case, because even on Twitter we have seen that there are games that can be included in a tweet and the platform itself should experiment even more with them.

So get ready, because now what we see on Snapchat is very likely that it will also expand to other networks. And yes, where more pull could have is Instagram. Platform that in a way already has some other game through its stories, but the idea could be used more, even as a means of additional income.