Turn your Xiaomi into a Google Pixel with Android 12

Turn your Xiaomi into a Google Pixel with Android 12

One of the strengths for which many users are committed to having a Xiaomi mobile in their possession is personalization. And it is that appearance is everything at different times, especially when we are with the same smartphone for a long time, since there comes a point where we get tired of continuously seeing the same aesthetics.

Luckily, with the mobile devices of this brand it is difficult for it to happen to us. The customization options offered by the terminals of the Chinese firm are multiple, so much so, that it would take us a long time to talk about each of the points that we could change. But, what we will see is the fact that we can turn a Xiaomi into a Google Pixel with Android 12 . But is that possible?

The world of themes

Relax, all this will be possible thanks to the options offered by the external themes that we can easily download on our Xiaomi mobile device. If until a while ago, the MIUI theme app itself was limited in Europe, having to follow a series of steps to activate it, the truth is that we can now access it without any complication.

temas colores movil xiaomi

If you have never used this software, it will be as simple as entering it and seeing the different categories and search methods that it offers us to find the most appropriate topic for our tastes. Then, we will have to download it (they can be free or paid) and then install it on our Xiaomi phone. However, the theme that we bring you will surely not be available in our region, so we will have to do a little trick to get this theme for Android 12.

Change region

To begin with, the theme that we will look for will be ‘Snow Cone’, this will help us change the appearance of the interface of our Xiaomi mobile device from top to bottom. However, it will not be available in the Signature Themes app for all regions, so we will have to change it.

We have tried changing the region to India . To try it out for yourself, follow these steps:

cambiar region xiaomi miui

  1. Access the settings.
  2. Click on Additional Settings.
  3. Enter the Region> India section .

Install Snow Cone

After having followed these steps, we will go to the Xiaomi Themes app and look for the one we mentioned above, ‘ Snow Cone ‘. Then, we will have to download it to the phone. Once it has been downloaded correctly, we must go to the main menu of the application and click on the Themes tab to see what we have downloaded. Finally, we must search for it to hit the Apply button. In addition, we will have the option not to change the entire interface completely, since we will have the option of activating or deactivating these settings:

Tema Android 12 para Xiaomi

  • Lock screen.
  • Starting screen.
  • System
  • Icons.

At that time, the terminal itself will tell us that we must restart the mobile device for the modification to be applied correctly. Therefore, we will have to click on the restart option for the changes to take effect. And don’t worry, then you can change the region again without any problem. Of course, there are many users who have reported that it has not worked for them, since not all themes are compatible with a screen aspect ratio of 18: 9. Besides that this theme is compatible with MIUI 12 and 12.5 .